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vincentfrombrest Level 1 (0 points)

Hello, please would you excuse my poor english syntax !


Yesterday, i have had a ical's calendar synchronized with a Google Calendar. From Google, i was able to copy a few lines of html code (an <iframe> tag) in order to publish that calendar in a personal page web, after pasting this code in my personal html code.


Today my ical's calendar is inClouded ;-), and the synchronization with Google Calendar was disabled (i don't want to have twice the events).


Please give me the tip: how can i embed this inclouded calendar in my web page ???


thanks for help.



Mac OS X (10.7.2)
  • Sjazbec Level 4 (1,670 points)

    This scenario is not possible. You can only use to see and edit your iCloud calendar, but you can not take that and "embedd" it on external sites.

  • coxtech Level 1 (10 points)

    It is very frustrating.  It used to work like you say but since upgrading to iCloud Calendar we have lost this access.  This is an important requirement for me.  I maintain our local church calendar and use iCal to maintain the calendar and publish this to our church website but now the new events or updates don't work....


    I hope someone finds a solution soon so I can publish my calendar again.  I do not want to have to have people subscribe to the calendar to view it I just want to display it on our church website...


    I look forward to any other alternatives to get an iCloud Shared Calendar embedded into a website.



  • vincentfrombrest Level 1 (0 points)

    hello, i've founded a solution. It works, but not any thanks to Apple...


    The master piece is the Spanning Sync software, the other piece is Google AGenda, the minor piece is iCloud.


    On my Mac, i told iCloud to synchronize all my calendars, one of them is the BCBG Calendar, which i want to publish on my association of wine tasters's website. These "inClouded" calendars are also synchornized by iCloud on my iPad. It works fine...


    On my Google account, i've created a new Agenda, with the name BGBG_Google.


    In the system Preferences, i told Spanning Sync to log in my google account, then i told him to synchronize ONE WAY (from my Mac toward Google) the BCBG iCalendar and the BCBG_Google agenda. It's important to say one way, otherwise you will have duplicated events....


    Last, thanks Google for the openness of the agendas, google give me a little bunch of html code (an <iframe>) that i pasted in my personal web page.


    You could see the result here :


    Spanning Sync is here, it cost a few bucks for a all your life license.

  • Bud Perry Level 1 (55 points)

    Thank you vincentfrombrest for reminding me about my Spanning Sync account! It works like a charm.

  • cp_whaley Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm not sure why the "correct answer" here is just a restatement of the problem.  I posted my own complaint about this elsewhere in this forum, before reading this... but I also share the frustration.


    I'm not sure why you would want to include Google Calendar as part of this scenario, since you could easily embed and display iCal calendars in an iframe in your web site before iCloud and without involving Google. I've done it for years at...


    You can View Source to see all of the code, but the embedded calendar display is handled by nothing more than this...


    <iframe name="calendar" style="border:0px solid black" scrolling=auto width=800 height=1200 align=top frameborder=0 src=""></iframe>


    My calendar just won't update automatically anymore. 


    Is it possible that the format for the URL has simply changed?

  • wheelerj Level 1 (10 points)

    Amazing that this is only thread I can find on this. Thanks for the comments cp_whaley. There is no solution here. It doesn't work like it used to and it should. No documentation on why it does not.


    Does Apple want everyone to go with Google to share calendars on websites? I do not want to go to Google for anything.

  • jomphoto Level 1 (0 points)

    that is AMAZING!


    I want to run screaming down the streets... "^$#$@ Apple!!"




    I'm a portrait photographer.



    I want to put a "blank block" diary on my own website, so potential clients can see when I am free. I want the booked-out blocks of time visible, but of course I don't want anyone to see anyone else's identity/ phone numbers etc.



    This (usually) worked with MobileMe, but iCloud seems dumbed down so much I don't understand ... Why can't I do stuff !?!  I don't want strangers subscribing to my diary.





    I have been an Apple preacher since the 1st macs. Now I am looking outside for a more customisable and less ipod driven paradigm.

  • 88b&w Level 1 (5 points)

    I'm also pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get my iCal calendar on my website. I can get a Google Calendar on there (and it syncs with iCal), but I hate how it looks. The iCal calendars look so much better. It's apparent that this functionality just wasn't on the radar with iCloud and the updates. VERY frustrating. Hopefully there will be a solution. I'm forced to use an ugle Google calendar in the meantime.

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,164 points)

    You can publish an 'On My Mac' calendar to a web page; but it will not sync with iCloud. You can share an iCloud to people with a CalDAV client (such as iCal) but you cannot publish it to a web page, though obviously you can sync with it. I'm afraid it's either-or.

  • DavidPaterson Level 1 (0 points)

    I find this very frustrating as well. My wife has an Esthetics Spa, and we've been publshing her "Availability" calendar from iCal to a php calender on her website. We did this by exporting the .ics file from her (MobileMe enabled) Spa calendar on her Mac. It was made possible by a drop down menu item under Share Calendar in iCal (OSX6), the item was called "Change Location" (whaaa?). That calendar was still sync'd via MobileMe with our iPad, iPod, and iPhone for taking booking calls when we were away. OSX7 broke that: now, you can either sync "iCloud" calendars with iPxx devices, or you can export "On My Mac" calendars as we used to do (no longer caled "Change Location" - got the naming right!).


    So well done Apple. That was a dunce move! The great new iCloud adventure means that calendar will be TAKEN OFF iCLOUD because its MORE IMPORTANT TO KEEP CUSTOMERS HAPPY THAN DEVELOPERS.


    Wake up guys. This is IdiotSoft kinda stuff, not Apple kinda stuff.

  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,992 points)

    Roger Wilmut1 wrote:


    You can publish an 'On My Mac' calendar to a web page; but it will not sync with iCloud. You can share an iCloud to people with a CalDAV client (such as iCal) but you cannot publish it to a web page, though obviously you can sync with it. I'm afraid it's either-or.


    Using BusyCal you can subscribe to the iCloud calendar and publish it to Google, Yahoo or any CalDav server, a web page can be a CalDav client and subscribe to it. So yes, but not at the push of one button, and BusyCal is not free.


    Screen Shot 2012-04-24 at 7.31.08 PM.png

  • DavidPaterson Level 1 (0 points)

    This doesn't seem to help.


    As I explained above, I need to Publish the Spa Calendar .ics file to a web host, to be used within a php calendar tool. That part is working fine already on OSX6, and I have no wish to redo that Website with Google calendar or some other solution. The look, feel, and usability will not be acceptable. It is a 'display only' calendar, with strict customer privacy protection.


    I also need to simultaneuosly sync that calendar via iCloud to use the mobile devices. That is also working via MobileMe with OSX6. OSX6 allowed both publishing of a MobileMe calendar (.ics file) to an ftp server of my choosing AND maintaining sync with MobileMe. As stated above, OSX7 only allows one or the other, not both.


    I have looked at the BusyCal site and see no indication (let me know if I'm wrong please) that I can use it to publish an iCloud calendar's .ics file in OSX7, or conversely to sync an OnMyMac calendar with iCloud. I don't need it's other sync capabilities.


    I find this removal of functionality quite frustrating. Since I am being forced to choose by June 30 which sync to give up, I will protect the calendar published to my wife's customers, and so the grand push to use iCloud will push my wife's business away from iCloud.

  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,992 points)

    iCal can export an ics file, just about everything can come to think of it, why would you need BusyCal?

  • DavidPaterson Level 1 (0 points)

    Why use Busycal? I don't know. You suggested it.


    iCal will publish the .ics file (i.e. it will ftp the .ics file to my web host) only if it is an OnMyMac calendar (OSX7), but not if it is an iCloud calendar. Since the calendar in question is currently a MobileMe calendar (OSX6), if I convert from MobileMe to iCloud, I will lose that publish capability. I can recover it by changing that calendar to an OnMyMac calendar (cumbersome, but possible), but I will then lose the iCloud sync for our mobile devices. Those are my options, apparently.

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