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  • shanellefromkilleen Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the same issues and it's so disappointing because I stayed up all night to do the update and made all of my friends update their products. The keyboard is so slow now and all of the browsers are slow. The worst thing though is my battery no longer lasts the entire day. I use the kindle app mostly and have to keep my device charged now. Please fix these issues on iPad 1! Also why was the multi tasking feature not added for the iPad 1? It was one of the most anticipated features for me. Thanks!

  • tingham3 Level 1 (0 points)

    IPad 1 is dead slow since the update to IOS5.  Frequent crashes and apps that wont star including native apps like mail and Safari.  I have done hard reboots, turned off all cloud activity and anything else I can think of.  Was this OS designed in Redmond?

  • Aloneball Level 1 (0 points)

    Trick with turning off sound and then on again seems to have cleared out the problem with the slow keyboard. Thanks.

  • tasa Level 1 (50 points)

    Safari crashes here also, finally erased all history, cookies and web data, sems to be working better for now (and still signed me into Discussions without having to reenter password and ID).


    Re: Calendar, slow opening started after I tried using  iCloud(now turned off!). I often have to tell Calendar to " Hide" and then "Show" all calendars before calendars are filled in. If iCloud itself was the problem I would have thought deleting all calendars on iPad and then re-installing from my (Snow Leopard) MacBookPro would have fixed that, but not so far. I am using Reminders and Notes in iCloud, hmm, could that be somehow effecting the iPad calendar? Jus plain weird, and annoying.

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    Same thing here. It crashes every time and I have the slow keyboard response. iPad1. This is driving me crazy. Next time I'm not going to upgrade iOS until several of months have pass. Apple does the same thing with every big iOS upgrade it's always full of bugs. I don't think ios5 was ready for release yet.

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    Possible Solution:  


    So, I was having all of the same issues that the rest of the folks here are having.  You can find my previous post on page 2 of this thread. 


    Anyway, my Ipad 1 is now running close to how it used to.  However, there is a price for performance.  I turned off iCloud for everything and Notifications for everything.  And wouldn't you know 90% of my crashes stopped, the keyboard operates normally for the most part, and Safari runs at normal poor performance.  (I've always found Safari to be a pretty poor browser)  Things still crash, some apps still take a few seconds longer to open, but at least my Ipad is usable now.  Am I happy with Apple?  No. 


    I did turn iCloud back on for my contacts, reminders, and Bookmarks.  I have not seen any decrease in performance for having these turned on for me.  Also, you can still do a backup to the Cloud.  I also noticed that my iPad still posts my meeting notifications even though I turned those off.  That's Quality!


    Now, about this memory issue.  Does Apple not have a patent for a little "X" at the top of the screen to close an app?  Why does everything get dumped into the background?  Android does this as well.  It's not like multi-tasking works on the iPad.  If persistance is key then save it to the app at time of closure.  It takes just as long to launch an app as it does to pull it from this fake multi-tasking that Apple has going on.  I find it a real pain to manually access the Double Tab button, or whatever you want to call it, to manually kill the background processes. 


    I hope this helps everyone.   And please, take a few moments to submit feedback to Apple regarding how upset you all are.

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    Add me to the list iOS 5 . Crashes ever ten mins other apps open then close.  Browser when it does work lags and the keyboard is five keys stokes behind my typing  . This is my third reinstall of ios 5 . So it's not a bad install its a bad iOS . Or maybe my  Sub standard ipad1 isn't up to par no more . I knew I should have waited on the iPad (4s) .that way I know Im getting all the bells  whistles .

  • Elliottf4i Level 1 (0 points)

    Fix the **** battery life .i went from all day use to 4 hours top.

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    iOS 5 ***** big time. On my iPad2 I experience a lot of crashes - in Safari as well as in other Apps. The keyboard lags, and the battery drains itself rapidly, even when in Standby mokde with everything turned of (location services, push notifications, reminders etc.)


    If Apple does not release an update very soon that fixes these problems, my next tablet might not be from Apple.


    Is there someway I can downgrade to iOS 4.x ?

  • tasa Level 1 (50 points)

    I, too, was experiencing sluggishness and crashing with Safari on my iPad1. For better or worse, I seem to have stumbled on a fix for the sluggishness, thanks to the mess iCloud made of my calendar on my iPad. I thought I had it all setup until I discovered a "phantom" calendar on my iPad that I couldn't get rid of, no matter what I did, including reverting to just using my desktop, telling iTunes to replace the calendar with the one on my MacBook Pro, etc.


    Finally, out of total frustration, I wiped my iPad (backing everything up first), and did a restore, which didn't solve the calendar problem, so again, wiped it clean and set it up as a new iPad. Calendar problem gone!


    AND, text entering on all relevant apps, including Safari, is back to normal, no delays!


    I just did this today so I can't say if it has solved the crashing problem with Safari, as I haven't used it enough yet to tell. I'm crossing my fingers. I did have some success in minimizing the crashes prior to the calendar problem by clearing history, cache and website data and closing all apps in the multitasking bar before opening Safari.


    I recall reading somewhere in everyone's tales of woe that an Apple support tech posited that sometimes new system updates don't clear out all bits of the old system, which can be the basis of problems with the new system. That's why I took the chance and wiped my iPad clean.


    Maybe this will work for other problems people are having.

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    Safari and many news apps crash all the time since upgrading to 5 and nothing improved by upgrading to 5.0.1 on an iPad1. Safari is slow to open pages and when I want to send a link via email it takes the address book about 45-60 seconds to open after typing the first few letters. My address book has only 45 entries in it and it used to pop up within 3-5 seconds in ver 4. Also, I noticed a delay in typing and backspace delete, on a non split keyboard. The first letter will display and then nothing for a few seconds after I entered additional letters. I understand about communication echo the entry and the roundtrip delay however, I did not notice this delay before I upgraded to ver 5.

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    Got the sam epropblems as teh ones listed above. Just wanted to add myself to teh list of people having this crap. Similar to all of you, a reset doesn't work, and 5.0.1 doesn't do anything either. Guess I'm not going for the next apple product afterall. Looks like Apple decided now that they got people hooked they can now throw quality into teh wind. Steve would turn over in his grave bless him...

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    After ios5 only contacts had an issue now all apps are crashing with safari crashing most often

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    Add me to the list as well.

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    Ditto, same issues as everyone else. Have tried all the fixes, some work for a while (minutes) and then crashes in Safari start again. I would return to 4.x on my iPad1 as well.  See a lot of low memory statements in the diagnostics screen.