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Hi guys. I'm fairly new to the Apple forums, so please bear with me.

Yesterday I wanted to upgrade the iOS 4.3.5 from my iPhone to iOS 5. When I plugged my iPhone in my computer, the iTunes notice came up that there was new content for my iPhone to be downloaded. I accepted. Then a window popped up that I had to back up every piece of media on my iPhone, etcetcetc. Did that, and pressed accept. Then iTunes started downloading the iPhone Software Update, which was about 775MB big. However, when it finished, it said something along the lines of 'Processing the downloaded software'. Then, an error message popped up, saying that the downloaded software got damaged during the download, and that I had to try redownloading the software update (Error code 1403, see screenshot for more information)

Any suggestions as to what to do?

Thanks in advance!




iPhone 4, iOS 5