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iCloud promises to back up photos and videos in my device's camera roll yet only my photos and NOT my videos are backed up. What's up?

(Yeah, all the relevant switches pertaining to iCloud and/or Photostream are ON in my settings)

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    I have the same problem. The photos roll right in, but none of the videos show up! Looking for a solution!!!

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    Well, Photostream doesn't support video.


    In iPhoto, automatic import from Photostream is activated by default, but that's only for photos, no videos will be imported. If you want to import your videos as well, you'll have to connect your iPhone with the USB cable. (or use Dropbox instead)


    Quite disappointing, isn't it? Looking forward to 2015, when Apple will announce another new web service, and Tim Cook will be standing there and say: "why should we believe them? They were the ones who brought us iCloud. It wasn't our finest hour..."

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    That just plain *****. This is my first iPhone and I bought it because of the ability to take video on it and have it show up - well - everywhere. What a disappointment.

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    I'm going to keep trying to find a way. This is ridiculous. This is not user-friendly at all. I just spent $2.99 on an app I don't need because I thought it would help and it turns out to be the same as the iCloud and still won't transfer my videos. I'll continue looking and keep you posted.

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    I was always confident with Apple, because you didn't need to decipher every single word they say, because you were certain of a great and amazing user experience, without breaking your head of what they were actually saying.


    "You can shoot your photo with your iPhone and it automatically uploads it into your photostream. You can simply open your laptop and it is already there. No more need to syncing around with cables, it just is already there."


    Apparently, from these words, we should've understand that it would not include video's. Stupid us.


    PS. For the careful observer, the service is indeed called "photo stream" not: "photo and video stream". So, again, technically they are correct. But then why is the default app on the iPhone called "Photo's", as it also contains video's?

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    I find the app "Web Albums" from Skott Sykora very useful in combination with Picasa account. Unfortunatly, no automatic syncing, but it does work very well and the subscription of Picasa is very low cost.

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    But then why is the default app on the iPhone called "Photo's", as it also contains video's?

    Aperture and iPhoto also import videos, although they are strict photo apps while on the contrary FinalCutX and iMovie would make much more sense..

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    Its a bit of a catch really...


    Yes, iCloud backs up your photos and videos, but it only adds Photos to photo stream.


    If you are wondering how this catch works, when you 'back up' your device to iCloud instead of iTunes, photos and videos from your camera roll are backed up. However, this backup is only accessible by restoring.


    As you can see, through clever wording, they never lied. Your videos are backed up, but are not accessible from iCloud.

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    Here's a workaround for getting videos to your iPad.. Hope it helps.


    On your iPhone, send yourself a message. Not to your cell number but your iPad message app (likely your email address). Once it sends it'll show up on your iPad. It'll be compressed but if you don't care much, this works well.

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    I guess Dropbox it will be. This file sharing HAS to be easier. iCloud should have an app just like Dropbox! Acquisition! Can I get my commission? Please.

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    Apple won't buy Dropbox, as Dropbox declined the offer and now Apple is building and expanding its iCloud services.


    Currently I work with GDrive which works really well.


    When connecting my iPhone, I configured photoloader (? english translation) to transfer all photo's from iPhone to a specific folder which is being synced with on my Gdrive. In iTunes I configure Photo's to be synced with that folder on my Gdrive. So every I sync, my photo's (and movies!) are on both my iPhone, my MBPro and in my Gdrive.


    And now I'm hoping every day that Google GDrive iPad app is being released!

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    Really helpful Wimmo. Hartelijk dank!

    I have been using Picasa Web quite some time as a cloud backup for photos and it has a lot of advantages. It's nice that I can give my mother a link to see ALL the hundreds and hundreds of photos of her precious grandson, as I'd never be posting ALL of them to bore everyone else on my Facebook (Oma can even order real prints, to be delivered to her by mail or to her corner drugstore, right from the Picasa Web page). Another big plus is I can set my Picasa Desktop to sync all new files up to the cloud automatically while I walk away from the computer, which as a busy working mom I really like. And now, since Picasa's been beefed up as part of the Google+ app, I can now see all my photos from ALL TIME right on my iphone if I'm on wifi! This is really fun as I've been working on scanning in a lot of old family photos; since my phone is always with me and so many people do have wifi at home/work/coffee shop etc. I can take anyone I like down memory lane with me at a moment's notice. But Picasa hasn't worked too well as a cloud drive for videos because you can't download the videos back down from the Picasa Web page (either individually or as part of an album -- it just doesn't work). I was thinking maybe I should set up some way to just put videos in the normal Google drive, as that would give me the backup I'm looking for, and I could access them through the Google drive iphone app I just discovered. But I couldn't think how I'd do that so it'd sync up automatically. Now YOU have given me a step-by-step to follow. Thank you!

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    Glad my post was any of your help, bborgerding!


    So I am curious, I never really got the automatic upload to work in Picasa Desktop. Are you using a mac? And new photo's are being uploaded to a web album automatically?