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Hey all,


So, I made the transition from Gmail to iCloud (I always used the Mail app).


As part of this transition I have now ended up with duplicates of a whole bunch of my emails, which is super annoying.


Has anyone got any tips on how to remove these please?



Things I have already tried:


  • DupeZap & TidyUp (removed a few duplicated and loads of duplicate attachements)

  • Araxis Find Duplicate Files (removed a few duplicated and loads of duplicate attachements)

  • Adreas Aman mail scripts (didn't work)

  • Mail Steward (didn't help)

  • Rebuilding mailboxes in Mail


So the first two helped a lttle bit - detected about 800 items each, but there are still tons of duplicates I can't seem to remove (unless I manuall go through them all, which would take a month!).


Like this:


Screen Shot 2011-10-19 at 16.45.56.png


Note: some of the messages with duplicate items reside on my iCloud , some of them are just in mail boxes "On My Mac".


Anyone got any tips to remove them all?


Thanks in advance!

MacBook Pro (2011 Quad 2.3 i7), Mac OS X (10.7.2), 8Gb Ram, 250GB SSD
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