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New iPhone 4s shuts off by itself and won't work again till a hard reset is done. Anyone else having this issue?.

iMac 2.4GHz Intel 2GB, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Mine has shut itself off randomly since I got it.  Today I got up to find it off and it took a hard reset to get it back on.

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    I've had similar issues and battery drain problems too. I left the phone on 66%charge overnight and it was switched off in the morning. Battery totally drained and phone unable to switch on normally.

    Recharged the phone, took it off charge and a few hours later it had switched itself off again. Casing was hot like it had been processing something to death! When restarted battery had dropped considerably.

    I found a post that suggested switching off the automatic time zone switch may help and that does seem to do something to help the situation.

    I've asked for a replacement phone because I don't know what damage this overheating and batty drain is doing to the unit.

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    Same problem. The iphone 4s would randomly shut down while in standby mode. However, it seems like it stays connected to the network, because when somebody calls me they all say thet the just hear long beeps, as like I'm just not picking up. The only way to turn it back on is to hard reset it (home+power buttons for 10-15 sec). Does anyone know a permanent fix for that? I bought my phone in Canada, but I live in Latvia, so going to apple store and replacing is not an option. There are no Apple stores in Latvia either.

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    I am having the same problem regardless of battery life. I have had my phone for about a week and it was working fine until two (2) days ago. The phone will shut itself off and I cannot turn it on until a hard reset is performed. This is very aggravating and, moreover, a major incovnenience. I need my phone for work and now I can't be sure when I am recieving emails. Instead I must actively monitor my phone to ensure that it remains powered on.

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    Are you guys using your Multitasking? when you double tap on your home button and then hold down an app till it wiggles and you see an - sign NOT AN x you need to close out the apps that youre not using, just cause you go to your home page doesnt mean you closed the app, chances are your phone is just running too much stuff.

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    I can turn my phone on from the hard reset and not even use it. A short while later it will shut off again.

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    that sounds like you might have a bad verison of the software. if that continues you need to sync all your info to your computer so you dont lose anything and then restore AS A NEW DEVICE and then your phone should be fixed


    but also some of your apps will still be open even after you hard reset. try the multitasking, if that doesnt work then restore as new

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    i really do hope this helps i do this troubleshooting for the iphone daily and sometimes its the littlest things

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    I received my second iPhone 4S this past Thursday (the 1st one had hardward issues) and have been having this issue since I got it. I don't have many apps on the phone and few are running in the background. Battery level is always good when the phone shuts itself off.


    I just set up my phone as a new device this morning following Apple support's advice but this problem is still occuring, and more frequent if you ask me.


    Based on my experience this issue is NOT to do with:


    1. Temperature;

    2. The duration the phone is left idle;

    3. (Number of) Apps running in the background;

    4. Battery level at the time of self shut off;

    5. Automatic time zone


    I'm going to get a new replacement and hope my 3rd 4S is finally going to work. Would be great if Apple could look into this issue a bit more though as it is incovenient to miss important phone calls.