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Hi, I have been using my Ipad 2 since few months now with a 3G sim card. This morning all of a suden, I noticed "No Service" message in stead of the normal 3G message. I reset and removed the card and inserted it with no use. I suspected the Sim card, so I ordered a replacement and again some problem, the new card works on my Iphone but when inserted in the Ipad is says "No Sim Card Installed".... should I start fiddling with the slot, did the reader short circuit... i need some help please. Thanks.

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    Had this exact same problem over this past weekend with my iPad 2 after I did an upgrade to iOS 5.  I had to erase the entire device, did a full restore from iTunes, and the problem went away.  Saw the same symptom again today during a sync to iTunes, but went away again as soon as I unplugged the device from the sync cable. Hoping this is simply an issue with the iOS upgrade vs a hardware issue...