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Hi guys,


I open this  discussion to validate that am not the only one having this issue with my iPad, iPhone and Macbook running Lion


I can only connect to internet if my router is a linksys, believe it or not, that's my case


I try different router's brands and the only one that let me surf internet is linksys, no matter how old is the router while be a linksys


I bought yesterday a brand new D-Link DIR-655, all my windows boxes works just find, but neither of my iDevices and Macbook works, I even bring a friends iPad to my office and couldn't surf internet with the d-link router, I change back to a 5 years old linksys router and all iDevices start to surf internet


Anyone has see this same behaivor?

iPad 2, iOS 5, WIFI, 64GB
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    With the help of Dr Venture and CSound1 we determine that there's some issue surfing the web went you have a non linksys router and the IP address is not 192.168.xxx.xxx


    If you experience surfing problems check the IP your are using, for me should be in the 192.168 net to allow my iPad to surf the web