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Dave Klein2 Level 1 (5 points)

I have a laptop with a limited size SSD and recenlty installed Aperture to manage my collection of images and video clips (from camera so short). My assets are currently on DVD's and so have referenced these DVD's within Aperature. My long range plan is to copy these DVD's to external drives so that one drive can be at home and the other at work for backup purposes.


My question pertains to the purpose of the vault when media is being referenced. Does the vault back up thumbnails, previews (1280/1280 at 6/med) and metadata...etc? Although most of my media (all but my current Project) is referenced my library file is currently 12GB. I have 13,426 photos/video being referenced on DVD with the current project being referenced with a folder on my laptop's drive. The idea was to monitor the size of the folder of the curren project so as to move to DVD when the size approches 4GB.


I noticed with off-line referenced files that you can not do much with the previews. I figured that with the preview being 1280x1280 one could use the Email function, share...etc. Other than of course previewing and slideshows is there a reason that previews can not be smaller the 1280x ?


Thanks for your time, someone....

  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,722 points)

    The vault backs up the library which contains all the adjustments, metadata and other changes you have mage to the images. If the library goes all you're left with are the original unaltered master files.

  • DougS79 Level 1 (50 points)

    I would recommend at least making your previews the resolution of your main display so that you can see the images full-screen when your referenced files are not connected (btw, the resolution of your display will have an asterisk beside it in the preview size drop-down box).


    I have my preview size set to 1920 (or maybe even the size up from that -- I can't remember for sure) so that I can easily create slideshows for my HDTV if I want. But here's the catch, I also chose to disable previews for new projects in the Aperture preferences, and also turned off "maintain previews" for all projects in the library. I only create previews for my "better" images. The reason for this is that I'm still very much an amateur photographer who relies on taking multiple shots, stacking them, and then rating and selecting favourites for sharing and personal use. I didn't want my hard drive filling up with thousands of previews that will never be used for anything.


    Food for thought!