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I downloaded ios5 on my iphone and ipad.Imessage works on my iphone 4 and on my ipad it wont work. I activated Imessageon my ipad and is has an Internet connection. I use a airport extreme. I reallydon’t know what is the problem......





iPad, iOS 5
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    I'm assuming you have an wifi only iPad. Since it is not 3G capable you do not have the option of sending messages via SMS from iMessage. So the only people it will work with are those on apple devices that have installed iMessage on their devices. If they do not have iMessage the send button will not work. I suggest using google voice in this scenario.

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    Yes, i have the wifi version. I have afew friends who have Imessage and i can send them a text with my iphone to there email. With my ipad the tekst will turn up blue and i can send the message with the send button. But it won’t deliver the message.


    I really don’tknow what to do.

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    I am having same problem with a airport time capsule. Went out of town and it worked fine on the hotel wifi but can't get it to work at home. imessage works fine on iPhone and ones I'm texting all have iPhones on OIS5 also. My iPad is a wifi only version. Which shouldn't be any different than using iMessage with iPod.

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    I had the same! I tried this and it work's for me:


    Thanks UJ, I tried changing the WiFi Connection's DNS setting to and it worked like a charm!  Steps followed:


    1. Turned Off (hard "shut down") my iPad2.

    2. Unplugged from PC.

    3. Turned iPad2 back on.

    4. Went to Settings > Wi-Fi > (my access point's setting by tapping on blue circle with white right arrow to the extreme right-hand side)

    5. Tapped on DNS area, deleted what was there, and changed to

    6. Closed

    7. Did another hard shut down of iPad2.

    8. Waited 5 minutes (don't know if this really did anything; I doubt it )

    9. Turned it back on and reconnected to PC via USB port

    10. I noticed it automatically did a sync (dont' know if this means anything, but it didn't do it b4).

    11. Voilá, it immediately started sending the messages that were pending.



    Gr. Rick

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    I am having a similar problem with an airport express. Wifi in my home network is provided by an airport express. I use 2 IPad 2 for Facetime and iMessage (2 different accounts via email-adress). It does not really work when both IPads are on my home network. In Facetime it will ring forever but the second IPad will not receive the call. The same now with iMessage. When I send a message it often takes up to one or two hours until the message is delivered on the second IPad.


    I do not have this problems if I am not in my home network or when I call the IPad at home from outside with the second IPad on a different network. I don't this it is a IOS5 problem as I had the problems with Facetime also before the update. For me it seems that the problem is related to the airport express...

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    This solved the problem on my iPhone and on iPad.  Am traveling and it stopped working for this one particular internet connection.  Guess it is the router type but the DNS needed changed and instantly all the notifications worked, FaceTime works, iMessage works.  Oh and I am in Airplane mode since I am overseas. 


    Thanks for the post.  All that needs done is changing the DNS setting to  Shutdown not necessary. 

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    Min sis having the same problem but on the iPod... So u can't send messages off iMessage to phones only emails ??

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    Facetime the recipient on your iphone.  Then the ipad will recognize them in imessage.


    dont know why, but it works.

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    Thanx Creatinewilly

    Your fix worked a treat, I had tried changing the DNS countless times with no luck, then after reading your post I tried waithing 3 to five mins , and hey presto all was up and running good as gold (so it is worth the wait )

    Only thing I cant understand is it was all working during a trip to australia, but upon returning home to NewZealand it decided to stop working

    But any way your fix is the one on this page to go by...THANKYOU.

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    Sh1t balls that worked great!!! Thanks.

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    I have a New iPad which I had been using iMessage and face time on fine but both have now stopped working. I can still surf the net so the wifi connection and Internet are working. I am still using the same ISP and wifi network so I am not sure what changed. I have tried all the suggestions here (google DNS, hard reset etc.) but I cannot get it to work.


    Please can someone out there help me as this is starting to really frustrate me!

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    Thank you so much! The in the DNS worked. I have been trying everything. Thanks for the help.

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    I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It worked

    Thank you so much for helping!