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  • ricdaw Level 1 Level 1

    Until iOS 5.1 comes out, use iTunes to broadcast your music and Apple's Remote app to control the music. Saves your phone battery, and still let's you use those great speakers.

  • Aldonin Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks will try that!

  • howard_roark Level 1 Level 1

    Gents, had the exact same problem, Airplay bombing out after a few mins using a 4S but working fine with iPad2.


    Pleased to confirm after running 5.1 beta 3 everything is working great, 4S has been streaming all day without a single issue. Fingers crossed, providing nothing gets screwed up again you should all be sorted when 5.1 drops.

  • wokkadriver Level 1 Level 1

    Do be careful with your speakers!!


    I have just bought an iphone 4s and upgraded my software to lion etc etc to make full use of the cloud and so on. When I tried to connect to my Zeppelin Air, it played for a few seconds then died. The speakers are now kaput for airplay - still works ok if you plug in on the dock but no airplay at all. Tried a reset, factory reset, and after consulting with B&W, a hard reset of the firmware, but it is totally fried. The good news is I bought my Zeppelin from a reputable retailer and still have my receipt (2 year guarantee), so B&W were very apologetic and are sending me a new box to return it to the factory.


    The downside is no decent music for a few weeks!


    ps - good drills on 4 speakers, bet that is awesome (when it works )

  • Deaky Level 1 Level 1

    It seems to me that Apple are more concerned with rolling out new product lines then having good solid products that work.


    I have lost count of the amount of times my ATV and Iphone 4s have let me down.

  • Liutyi Level 1 Level 1

    I have Philips Fidelio DS8800W/10 and same problem. It drop AirPlay from iPhone 4S, but everything fine with iPad 2. both devices iOS 5.0.1. Also both iPad 2 and iPhone 4S work good with Apple TV2 using AirPlay. Problem iPhone 4S + AirPlay speakers known for at least 4 months and no solution yet. it can actually has heavy impact on AirPlay reputaion.


  • Rod Christiansen Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here. It's maddening!! Before reading this thread I was blaming the Zeppeplin but the culprit is the 4S! Well iOS 5.1 will come mid march and hopefully fix this....

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    I have had AT&T 4S 32g since release.  I had my first problem with the airplay drop issue yesterday 2/22/12.  of course there was no issue streaming to a bluetooth devise but when I directed airplay to a airport express, it stopped playing withing about 30sec.  I am using a airport extreme as my wireless access point and have 2 airport expresses all of which I just upgraded firmware on 2/22/12 in hope it would fix my new issue.  It didn't.


    So, after reading this message board I see there is definitly a known issue.  However, I did close all open apps on my phone except about 10 of them.  I probably closed about 20 apps.  I am now on song number 4 and no airplay issues.  Is it just me or has anyone thought about a conflict with another app that needs wifi access?

  • live2scan Level 1 Level 1

    Neeeevvvvveeeerrrrrr mmmmiiiinnnnddddd.  It failed again.  I guess I will need to wait like others for 5.1

  • Aldonin Level 1 Level 1

    I guess so...


    Yet I find it unacceptable that B&W and other manufacturers (of by the way VERY expensive speaker sets) haven't bothered to issue any sort of statement of general notice.

    They should be putting a lot of pressuer on Apple to bring 5.1 faster or issue a mid update to fix this specific issue.   Keeping customers of VEEERY expensive speaker sets uninformed is just pathetic as a sales technique.. 


    Also Apple has remained in silence.   If the best way to tackle errors is through silence.. then shame on them.


    What if we have to wait for 5.1 for many months because it is not up to standard to fix other issues?


    I hope 5.1 comes out soon.. and also that new iPad or iPhone does not mess our speaker systems again!

  • Bobby109 Level 1 Level 1

    I have visited the B&W Website and they make no mention of iPhone 4S Airplay support for their speaker. I agree it is annoying. But do a little research before you play the blame game. I'm sure if the speaker manufacturers could fix the issue then they would do it, instead of waiting for an update from Apple. Who do you think is losing more money because of this iPhone 4S bug?

  • CD3660 Level 1 Level 1

    That's all very well Bobby but the 'Air' in Zeppelin Air stands for 'AirPlay' which is a proprietory protocol developed by Apple.


    In my view the fault for this debacle lies with Apple but it is a disgrace that both companies remain silent about this problem.


    Furthermore it is absolutely appalling and inexusable that Apple, with it's enormous resources (built up courtesy of us) has left loyal customers for 4 months without issuing a fix. Before we know it, it will be time for the iPhone 5!

  • Jsuro Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the list.


    My setup is completely different though:


    IPhone 3Gs

    ITunes Remote on  IPhone

    Pioneer VSX-50 Receiver with Airplay

    Samsung 46” LED 3D TV with Allnet

    HP MediaSmart Server Wired Ethernet to Main Router

    HP Desktop with Intel i7 and 24GB RAM Wired Ethernet to Main Router

    CISCO – Linksys RE1000 Wireless Repeater


    The TV and Receiver are connected to the CISCO repeater via Ethernet cable and 4-port wireless switch.  With this configuration I can play HD 1080/60P movies with Dolby Digital Surround without a hitch.  Plenty of bandwidth.


    When I run ITunes on my desktop (wired Ethernet) and direct the playback to the Pioneer receiver the Airplay crashes in about 2-minutes.  My desktop and server (both on the wires) lose the gateway address, meaning the main router ( and I have to reset the adapters manually to get them back online.  Wireless connections to all other computers and printers in the house are unaffected. This includes the IPhone.


    This morning I ran a long Ethernet cable to the switch that connects the Pioneer receiver and Samsung TV to the main router bypassing the CISCO wireless repeater and was able to Airplay all morning. I switched them back to the CISCO Repeater and the crash came within 2-minutes with the wired computers again losing the gateway.


    Another interesting thing is that after resetting the network adapters and getting connectivity back, the computers will again lose the gateway in a few minutes, even if ITunes is closed on the desktop, but Airplay on the receiver is still up, with no music being AIRplayed.


    I can conclude that in my case the crashes have nothing to do with the IPhone and all to do with Airplay running over wireless.  This even though my wireless is N and has plenty of bandwidth, being able to play HD movies with surround sound without any problems whatsoever.  So wireless Airplay is broken, not any of the hardware but the airplay software itself when an airplay receiver is connected via wireless.





  • Jeppo.h Level 1 Level 1

    I think I have the "solution" of this problem!

    I have an Apple express and an Iphone 4s ios5.

    I tried to disconnect My Express and from now My problems are gone.

    Now I dont have any printer thow..because thats what I used the Airport Extrem for.


    Lets hope Apple fix this software problem!!!


    Sorry for My bad English!

  • Rinob73 Level 1 Level 1

    Zeppelin Air Firmware update 1.3.1

    I had the same problems with my iphone 4s and zeppelin air and firmware 1.1.3!!!!!

    With the new firmware 1.3.1 released on 20 February works great and the problems disappeared!!!

    sorry for my english!!!!!!