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Recently I was streaming my i-tunes, and controlling it through an I-pod.  Everything seemed to work fine for a couple days and now I am getting the following error: "An error occurred while contacting the radio tuning service. Check your Internet connection, or try again later".  Makes it difficult if not imposible to use i-tunes.  The radio functions don't work at all.  But...I can still control from the i-pod while with the message on the computer screen.  Any Ideas?

iPod touch, iOS 5
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    I'm having the exact same problem. I set up a closed network with my airport express, don't go online but use it so that my iPhone 4s can communicate and operate my iTunes thru the remote app. I did notice that when the remote app isn't launched all is good. The second I launch the remote app "Donk" the error message and alert. I'm wondering if there's something in the way the remotes configured for ios5 that when u launch it it want to not only read ur iTunes' playlists but also refresh the radio stations. This is certainly a HUGE inconvenience and like I said has never happened until recently. Someone PLEASE advise. This has got to stop!!

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    Hello Steeler fan,


    Knock on wood, but I might have found a solution to my problem.  The error: "An error occurred while contacting the radio tuning service. Check your Internet connection, or try again later". was only happening on my work computer.  I am a music teacher so I was hoping to use the i-pad as a remote for my music library.  My work has a web based filter, which I thought was only for video content.  The web filter was playing havoc with the radio streaming.  With a help of an IT tech. we bypassed the web filter, and so far I have stopped receiving the error message.


    You might check to see if you have any filters established with your user account.



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    Precisely the same error as Steelerfan.   One caveat - the Mac that serves up my iTunes library does not have Internet connectivity. 


    I had just bought airport expresses for every room in my home this spring.  The iOS Remote app was working perfectly until iTunes 10.  Now this whole setup has been nullified by this 'radio tuning error.'


    Update & fix please Apple.

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    Really would like a solution to this one as I set up my iphone to control my mac

    similar to     Steelerfan247


    The error message made it impossible to use the Iphone as a remote. I was not in front of the computer. Everytime it would error, I would loose control and have to physically clear the error message. This happened so much I gave up.


    I would appreciate any advice on how to disable radio tuning while not connected to internet, while using Iphone in a closed network for remote control.



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    So I was having the same issue.  i triedthe following steps and it worked:


    - uninstalled/reinstalled the APP  (remote)

    - turned off homesharing in itunes and turned it back on

    - restarted both my mac and the ipod

    and it worked...


    hope this helps

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    Tried ech0's method.  Didn't work for me. 

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    This conversation is going on in multiple areas with people offering solutions that sound like instructions to build a nuclear reactor. Apple Tech, at least send out a message as to what you think the problem is and how you are working to correct it.