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  • GoldRocket Level 1 Level 1

    Mark-UK-- Would be interested to know if your replacement has the same issue.

  • Red 2 Level 1 Level 1

    Also had the static issue on a 4s 64GB supplied by Orange UK on launch day. Noise would last about 30 secs when starting a call, Siri etc. Orange advised a full restore but still no joy so a new replacement was sent out as the help desk designated it  a hardware fault. Don't think they had received any guidance from Apple though.


    So far (3 days use), have had only one instance of 3 seconds static.

  • Mark-UK Level 1 Level 1

    I was hoping to update you all today about replacement 4S phone - but I'm not able to.


    Speaking with Vodafone (UK) yesterday they assured replacement 4S would be couriered out today so I could swap out SIM & faulty phone. To Vodafone's credit this is how they've performed in the past and 24 hours is fine by me.


    But the phone didn't arrive so I called them. They're now saying there's a huge backlog and to call back if it hasn't arrived Monday or Tuesday next week, seven days after I registered the fault. I was told there's a long queue of replacements waiting to be fulfilled. Doesn't fill me with confidence but nevertheless will share findings with you when replacement (hopefully!) arrives.

  • AppleFanFromTexas Level 1 Level 1

    I have AT&T 64gb 4S.  My replacement still has the issue.  Hopefully Apple will release a quick patch if enough people speak up.

  • lukas501 Level 1 Level 1

    Absolutely correct. However posting to apple discussion boards isn't the only answer. The best way to get apple to quickly avknowledge this epidemic of earpiece static is to call or email apple support (800) 275-2273

    And generate a case number. This is how iPhone 4's antennae gate was brought to light with the "bumper solution" and this is the only way to truly get Apple, inc. to acknowledge this very serious problem.

    Incidentally I've been tracking this discussion re: static since oct 15th and there has yet to be a single resolution. 

    if getting this resolved for others doesnt motivate you, at least consider that by generating your case number within the first 90 days of the iPhone purchase it grandfathers you in regarding the problem you complained about.

    Good luck all. 

  • AppleFanFromTexas Level 1 Level 1

    I just got off the phone with AT&T, and they said they are getting a large volume of calls on this topic.  He said they are aware of the issue with the 4S.  He said they think it is due to all the activations in a short time.  Doesn't sound right to me, but I am trying it.  They said they are resolving some of the issues by re-establishing the connection and re-registering the phone.  They reset both of our phones and are calling back in three days to see if it worked.

  • lukas501 Level 1 Level 1

    Better then the answer I got. But we're getting somewhere. And I think you're absolutely correct. Activations have nothing to do with it. it sounds like feedback and I believe only occurs when the other party is talking, but it's irrelevant. What's relevant is the cost of the phone and it's lack of perfection. 

    Thanks for calling. Can you please do me a favor and update In 3 days as to what happened and if It worked. because yours is the first problem solving solution I've heard of another the. The issuance of a new phone which hasn't worked. Thanks again.

  • GoldRocket Level 1 Level 1

    All, I am gooing report what I said in the last post....I would be interested to know if anyone has received a 4S replacement phone that is no longer experiencing this issue. I am waiting on replacing mine but seeing the call quality was horrible with the static, I had no other choice but to return my original purchase.


    While I agree there is no "perfect" phone, with the cost to the consumer and how Apple markets their products as a primium piece of technology--my expectation is that it performs as advertised.  If it doesn't, Apple needs to deal with those problems. This is not a problem on the consumer nor should the burden fall on the consumer.  Frankly, I am disspointed in how Apple employees treat the consumer at times when they are trying to resolve a problem.


    With that said, Apple does a lot of things right. They offer products that create an enjoyable and profitable experience. My expectation is that they will be quick to acknowledge and deal with this problem--and thus prevent the burden from falling on the consumer.

  • Paulshaqz Level 1 Level 1

    i also just got off the phone with applecae they made me go through there tests and also told me to restore the phone see if that helps and if not they would send me a new one i guess but i'm thinking if i do that it would just be the same and possibly with worst issues i wanna go to the genius bar but again samething so i don't know what's best to do? probably just wait it out a bit longer?

  • tonyuf Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue. It seems intermittent but happens frequently. The static is just loud enough to make you not want to use the phone.  If a replacement doesn't work for me I'm considering returning the phone.


    My fear is this is the issue is hardware related and not addressable via software updates.

  • killhippie Level 3 Level 3

    I have an iPhone 4S 64Gb model, its clear as a clear thing, no crackle or static sounds, it arrived on the 14th as a preorder, in fact its clearer than my 4, I would say not everyone is having this issue though, maybe as has been stated a bad batch but that batch could be large. I would keep swapping till you get what you want.

  • Tebald Level 1 Level 1

    The same problem is discussed here



    Seems to me the exact same issue


    I got a replacement myself and I'm still having this noise.

  • M.A Level 2 Level 2

    Hey everyone try this and see if this can help us figure out the issue:


    Launch the Apple map app and then hold the back of the phone to your ear (the back meaning the silver Apple logo side). Once the map is open carfully using your finger just touch the map anywhere and through the back of the phone you will hear the static for maybe 10 seconds, then it stops. The touch the map anywhere again and the static starts again.


    This is exactly the sound I hear through the earpiece while on a call.


    Not sure what this all means but maybe one of us here can work with it.


    Otherwise I am forced to try another device if replacements are not showing any promise at the moment. A real shame because otherwise the 4S is awesome.

  • M.A Level 2 Level 2

    You are one LUCKY person killhippie,

    I'd venture to say it's a VERY big issue as people all over North America and Europe are reporting the static crackling issue.

  • munz612 Level 1 Level 1

    I am also having the same problem with my 32gb white 4S. When I am on the phone for a long period of time, the other person complains that my voice randomly disappears. I also have a hard time hearing the other person. Their voice sounds like they are mumbling and all I hear is static and a buzzing noise. Hurts my ears to talk on the phone. I called Apple and they told me they cannot guarantee that I will get a brand new Iphone 4s if I request a new one. So I did not continue with the request since I have literally had this phone for less than a week!! I do not think that is fair!! I am hoping this problem will be solved before my 30 day ends, otherwise I am going to return it. 

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