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  • David_200 Level 1 (0 points)

    Is there a difference in signal strength between the two carriers? I only have the issue when the 3G signal is weak. When I disable 3G, the issue is not present at all. When I use earphones, the issue is not present at all (even with 3G enabled)


    To me, it seems that the 3G communication unit interpheres with the earspeaker, when 3G connectivity is low.

    That would make it a design error


    I love all my other Apple products (iPod, MBP, iPad), but the iPhone has let me down twice (3GS and 4S).

    Both phones have had too many technical issues (low signal strength, battery issues, broken earspeaker, cracked screen (which was my own fault, but nevertheless, not treated differently then my previously owned phones)). The warrenty in my country ***** (2 weeks without phone, no replacement), expecially as you consider that I paid 879€ for the 4S-64GB).

  • Carsalnu Level 1 (0 points)

    Nope! it is linked with signal strength it get worse when the signal is low! it was to good to be true! now my phone is in "repair shop", i am not sure if get change my iphone again or to ask for some samsung thing because I am too disapponed from this issue, even thinking on sallling my imac


    too bad apple!

  • Carsalnu Level 1 (0 points)

    Nope! it is linked with signal strength it get worse when the signal is low! it was to good to be true! now my phone is in "repair shop", i am not sure if get change my iphone again or to ask for some samsung thing because I am too disapponed from this issue, even thinking on sallling my imac


    too bad apple!

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    I work on iPhones daily, replacing all components, repairs and water damaged.  I had a you man today that came in with an iPhone that made a horrible static when trying to make a call, and the person receiving the call could not hear anything on their end.  I tested it with a new mic/charge joy.  I tested with a new set of loud joy. 


    I then pulled his sim card and put my own (AT&T) sim card in there and was able to make a call with no issues or static.  I noticed the Customer's sim card had a finger print on it, so I cleaned the sim card with a WD-40 stick pen, reinserted it in his iPhone and was able to make several calls using his sim card, and the receiving persons could hear just fine. 


    I know this might not be the cure for all the 4S iPhones, but it is odd that it is happening to iPhones that do use a sim card.  I hope this might help some of you, as it something new I learned today, and I have  worked on iPhones daily for three years. 


    Best of Luck

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    My iPhone 4S has the same annoying static noise, not only when 3G is enable. The noise disappears when I use earphone, so it seem to origin with an interference between the cellphone signal and the earspeaker. Very disappointing!

  • rectifier Level 1 (0 points)

    Is there any news on this?  I also have the issue. I have to send mine in and they will take a month to look at so want to be sure this is needed.

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    This is my 3rd iPhone 4S! Excepting for the first one, all of them came with this static noise. I'm thinking if I order a new one once again or take back my money. Considering the expectations about iPhone 5, money back seems to be a good choice. Anyway, no one knows if iPhone 5 won't has this ******* noise.

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    I got my iPhone 4s at the beginning of July.. Yesterday it wouldn't charge full stop... Left it to charge for hours and tried three different wires but nothing worked... It also would not connect to the computer. I was advised by tmobile to take it to the apple store. I went there today and was given a replacement. The phone is fine but when I called my boyfriend I could hear a light crackling/static noise every so often, even after I hung up I put my ear to the phone and could still hear it for a few seconds. I've made more calls and even reset the phone but nothing has helped. Should I bring it back or is it likely they will refuse to replace it since the phone is otherwise fine? I already know that its going to drive me mad after a few days. Oh and my other iphone 4S NEVER had this problem.

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    So what's the number that I need to call to start a claim. Does anyone know how long is the warranty for apple?  I got my iPhone 4s when it barely came out for sprint and I am having this issue with the crackling noise .... I'm not using the phone anymore, I just text.

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    Call the Pope Apple still don't give a ****. The issue is reported almost an year ago. There is no clear statement from their side,yet ! I
    And the unhappy news is that the iOS 6 does NOT fix the issue. That nasty sound still persists ... "well" done Apple )
    Guess what my next phone will be.
    Small hint - the 1st letter is "S"


    God bless you !

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    Thank you! I have been having this strange loud static problem with my iPhone 4 off and on for months now and the cleaning the SIM card trick worked for me. I took it out and it had a fingerprint on it for sure. I just polishied it with a microfiber cloth and when I put it back in no sound issues at all. I will report back if this doesn't last but thanks to FL iPhone guy!

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    Is there any report about this issue in iPhone 5 ?

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    I have had the iPhone 5 for a couple of weeks now and have not had the annoying issue I had with the crackling 4S

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    Thanks Apple for hiding from this issue.  It's all about money here fellas.  You know what would happen if they releseased a statement saying there was a wide spread static issue?  All the nit wits out there who don't pay attention to detail would finally listen for the static because they were told about it and then finally hear it.  Then Apple would have to do a massive recall and it would cost millions and millions of dollars and untold damage to thier repuattion as a world wide leader in quality.  As long as they can keep this quiet they will.  And it seems to be working just fine at the moment for them...


    -****** off iPhone 4$ owner

  • IMRAN Level 2 (475 points)

    Very true.


    What I find equally shameful is how little, if any, media attention has been paid to it. This was a real problem far more like antenna-gate than the low quality Maps app that will improve over time. This static issue is a definite design or manufacturing defect and yet no mention in the media.


    Perhaps if more of us reach out to the likes of Consumer Reports and Walt Mossberg (WSJ) types in the media, it may get the attention it needs.