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    I'm having the same problems with my new 16GB iPhone 4s.  Static, echoing, and distortion - all when using the earphones. It happens sporadically on outgoing and incoming calls - sometimes at the beginning, sometimes a few minutes into the call.  Unplugging the earphones usually stops it, but it's very annoying.  The Apple store gave me a new set of earphones, but it made no difference - same problems.  I'm on AT&T in Salt Lake City.  I've never had any of these problems with my iPhone 4, 3Gs, 3g, or original.

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    Just got iPhone #3 today from the Apple store. Just to recap all that I have done, I got my first iPhone 4S on Oct 14 from the Apple online store. I noticed the crackling/static noise in the earpiece about a week and a half ago. When I went in the first time, they just gave me a new phone no questions asked. After leaving the store, I noticed the crackling noise right away. Two days ago, I returned to the Apple store and the guy that helped me that time said that it might be a bad SIM card and that I should get it replaced by AT&T. So, I went and got a new SIM card from the AT&T store and thought that the problem was solved, but the crackling/static noise began the next day. Today, I went back to the Apple store and the guy that helped me the first time with my phone helped me again. He said that the phone definitely shouldn't be doing what it is doing and that hopefully the iOS 5.0.1 update will solve the problem. He gave me a new phone and just shortly after that the phone started crackling again. I have to think that all iPhone 4S models are having this problem as I have received new phones from two different sources (i.e. the Apple online store and my local Apple store) and it would statistically unlikely that I would receive three bad iPhones in a row. I think it is more likely that all the phones have this problem and some people don't care enough to tell anyone about it or they simply just can't hear it. As for now I am just going to wait until the update comes out and see if that fixes the problem. For all those out there considering getting a new phone, I would advise you not to do so because that won't solve the problem (from my experience, it will just waste your time). I would recommend that you just wait for the update and see if that solves the problem.

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    Im getting a tiny amount of static interferrence (buzzing) through the speaker on my iPhone 4S during phone calls with a 3G signal.

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    I am having the same issue in Malaysia. iPhone 4S 32GB.

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    same issue in philadelphia 32g 4s.  i also hear a slight echo.

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    Crackling has not returned

    Sorry I still do not know how it stopped.

    To take recording while crackling use internal memo app.

    Even works when speaking to someone else.

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    I was at the service centre and the technician said that Apple confirmed that the echo problem will be solved via a software update. Not sure how true this is... there was no mention about any resolution on the static and hissing problem that has bugged my 3 replacement iphone 4s. Apple as a worldwide provider of handphones should at least avoid keeping the customers around the world from guessing if it is an Apple Quality Control issue on the software or hardware and if it is being resolved or looked into. This is the only responsible thing Apple should do to help customers from further wasting their time at the Apple service centres.

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    I also have problems with static in handset ear piece plus echo in headphones - brand new AT&T 32 gb 4S iOS 5.0.1

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    i just downloaded ios 5.01 but the static/hissing still persists.


    I am curious if we the customers are really getting a new phone in the one to one exchange/replacement. I recalled years back that when I exchanged my iphone 3gs, i was given a "new" phone in the one to one exchange. I was told it is a new phone from the factory at China, but it comes in a different packaging without the accessories - just the handset. A couple of months later I discovered my "new" phone came with an attached clear screen protector that did not belong to me. I wondered where it came from...someone who owned it must have placed it there before me... a second hand or a refurbished?


    Now, my current iphone 4s was exhanged twice.


    The first time I got one with a slightly more yellowish display. I thought with the IPS technology this problem would have been resolved. I tried 2 units and both were the same. The technician said that they are all the same and would not open more for me to choose. I relented. However when I reached home, I found that there was a little nick near the home button. And worse the static noise persisted. All these for a "new" replaced handset?


    The second handset to my surprise has the screen which is less yellowish like my 1st iphone 4s that was delivered to me. The technician was wrong to say that they are all yellow. This proves that there is no consistency with the product. When I reached home, I discovered that the static persisted and there was a slight nick on the white side of the iphone which can only be felt like an uneven sureface with your finger. This made me question if I got a new phone again from the factory...The static/hissing also persisted.


    I am now wondering what to do to resolve this problem. I can't get a refund since I have already contracted with the telco. To me Apple's QC is causing all these problems. I really hope that Apple is not playing this unfair system of exhanging handsets with "rotated"/"refurbished"/"recycled handsets from the factory gotten from countries that got the iphone 4s first. If my guess is correct, the new product I paid for may just end up being exchanged into a refurbished iphone 4s. If this is true, it would be an unfair exchange then.


    Anyway, I guess my only option is to try my luck again for a replacement...

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    ^ I agree.  I think you might be correct about getting replacements as refurbished phones.  I'm on my 4th iPhone 4S and all had same problems.  I can't return the phone anymore because I've gotten exchanges with Apple, and Apple apparently doesn't have any good copies left.  I'm VERY dissatisfied with Apple.

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    Im having the same buzzing issue with my 4s 16gb but my wifes which was bought at the same time has no issue. the only diffrence is hers is white. So what  the **** do I do? Just put up with a broken phone I paid $650 for.... I'm pretty ****** at Apple.

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    16 GB white iPhone


    Same problem.  I went back to the Apple store and got a replacement, but the new phone was no better.  When I disabled Siri, the crackling noise was completely eliminated and has not returned.  Not great, but at least it's something.  Hope that helps!

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    Also found that you don't have to disable Siri completely to get rid of the static sound--just disable the "Raise to Speak" setting for Siri. 

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    Doesnt help for me: the phone still crackles like crazy ><    

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