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  • dpenew Level 1 Level 1

    Same tome 4S 16GB white, today I got a replacement with the same problem, I am getting very frustrated, many restores and still the f**king noise persist. I've been using Iphone's for 3 years now and I've never had any issues with any one of the previous models and now this. I got this phone two weeks ago, and I've been using it for two days, because the other time I was waiting for the replacement.


  • pwsher Level 1 Level 1

    Called Apple care: she said go to Settings/General/Reset and the select Reset Network Settings ......... Wait until

    it reboots....... It worked!!!!!!!!!  Thanks Elizabeth at Apple! No more crackling noise!

  • lukas501 Level 1 Level 1

    Wrong. It does not work.  My guess is that you were still in apple store and connected to wifi. as the crackle only occurs while cellular data and phone calls simultaneous.

  • pwsher Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry it didn't work for you.  The noise was driving us crazy.  I did a call from my home land line to apple. I even called from my iphone4 to the noisey iPhone4s so they could hear the noise.   One minute it was doing it badly. The next minute she walked me through the steps and it was like a miracle!  I hope it does save someone some trouble.... And hey it only takes a few minutes to try it.

  • dpenew Level 1 Level 1

    I just tried but it's not working for me. Sometimes the noise is there, sometimes not. If you shake the phone when you speak or you tap with a finger on the back the noise is coming and going, like something is not in place and it's not making contact. It was the same with the one which I got before the replacement.

  • IMRAN Level 2 Level 2

    I am sorry to say that I too was jerked around by Apple. They KNOW swapping phones will not fix it but the guy in the store confidently told me how only 1-2 people out of 100 come back with the problem after swapping the phone. That is because they don't want to waste time. Duh.


    I went through the hassle of waiting, getting a replacement phone (which is also unfair to consumers, when a 3 day old phone can be swapped out for someone else's weeks {or in coming months} months old refurbished phone, and still not solve the problem.


    I tried the reset of Network settings too. Unfortunately, it did not work and the crackling is still there.


    I have emailed a note to the MacWorld people. Perhaps you will consider that too. Apple, like most companies, pays more attention to a problem when it is in the media and can lead to people holding off buying the phone.


    Thank you.


    Imran Anwar

  • mitchellfromripon Level 1 Level 1

    This is my 4th iPhone 4s. I originally bought a brand new one from Verizon wireless and then I went into the apple store and have received 3 more phones! This static issue is DRIVING ME INSANE! I've called apple twice and they've said that since I've gone through 4 phones that there's nothing they can do! I've been with Verizon wireless for years now and have NEVER had an issue with they're coverage. I've been a droid user since droids were released and have always a CRYSTAL CLEAR line while talking on the phone, but with the apple iPhone 4s there's static and echoing! I wish ape would be an HONEST company and fix the problem. Something like this can drive someone to go to the apple home office in Cupertino and shake everyone's hand :)

  • mitchellfromripon Level 1 Level 1

    I meant to say I wish APPLE would be an HONEST company and fix my ******* problem!!!!!!!!!

  • halcwb Level 1 Level 1

    The only consollation I get from reading these posts is that I am not the only one, but as Steve Jobs would say:


    This iPhone 4GS is ****!!!


    Coverage is ****, half the time I have no signal, or I have to restart the phone, battery life is not even one day, while running NOTHING, and the sound is badly moulded with crackling noise.


    So, this is realy, realy realy ****!!! I missed an important phone call because of no service. Thanks Apple for NO SERVICE.

  • mitchellfromripon Level 1 Level 1

    I'm some what technically savy......I've worked in the information technology field for 15 yeas now and held a hire standard to the apple techs on the phone, but not anymore.....they are just like every other call center you call into and you get the run around from some tard that doesn't know anything!

  • mitchellfromripon Level 1 Level 1

    My static sounds like a radio station that isn't tuned in properly and you can't clearly hear the song.

  • mitchellfromripon Level 1 Level 1

    The techs at the apple store keep exchanging my phone to pamper me and they say "oh no I don't hear any static noise" and they look at me like I'm on drugs. I'd lime to insert the phone in they're rear so maybe then they would hear the static noise.

  • drzygote Level 1 Level 1

    I'm in the UK

    I was on my 3rd 4S and an hoping to return it for good this time.

    I'm on the O2 network, and swapped my number to an old Sony k610i.

    I was just on the phone (the Sony) and I got exactly the same static sound!

    Albeit not quite as loud, but it was definitely there. I think im going mad!

  • AlexToP Level 1 Level 1

    And still no statement from Apple ... shame on them !!!
    I will never EVER buy an apple product !!!

  • tonefox Level 6 Level 6

    But you already did.  What statement do you want, and where? Apple don't respond here, as you must know.

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