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    Will Apple commit this is a serious issue ?
    How do I know if they are working on fixing it ?
    Or I should just leave with it ... ?

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    I'm on my 4th iPhone 4s and I still have static/buzzing/crackling/ in the ear piece of my iPhone 4s! I WISH APPLE WOULD FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!! I keep going to the apple store here in California and they keep swapping it out for me but it still sounds terrible.

  • mitchellfromripon Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Called apple twice about the problem and they said there's nothing they can do and they apologized! I've been with Verizon wireless for years and years and have never had any type of static issues and now all of the sudden I buy the iPhone 4s 32gb white phone and it has tons of static and crackling and buzzing noise when I'm on the phone and when there's silence between me and the person I'm talking to its SO LOUD AND ANNOYING!!!!! I WISH APPLE WOULD FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!! I'm on iPhone 4s number FOUR....I originally bought a brand new one through Verizon wireless and then I've gone to the apple store and they've replaced it three times so this is my 4h iPhone 4s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm on my 3rd iPhone 4s 16GB with AT&T. Same static/cracling from the receiver.

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    Has anyone tried setting up their phone as a new phone instead of loading from a Backup, such as iCloud? The only reason I mention this is because I bought two phones, one for myself, and one for my wife. She has no problems with her phone at all, and the only difference between her phone and mine is that she did a clean install.

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    Yes, is set two of them up as new phones. I also got a new SIM card from AT&T. Nothing has worked. I think it's a hardware issue from Apple or parts manufacturers.

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    I also have this same issue. I first noticed it when I was trying to use my Plantronics Voyager Pro which I previously used on an HTC Evo and a MoPho. Because the audio quality is so good on this bluetooth, I was able to pick up some subtle static, which I dismissed at first as bad signal or temporary interference. After a few days, however, I started blaming the bluetooth radio in the phone.


    However, while trying to get my bluetooth issue resolved, I started noticing that there was distortion even when listening through the earpiece, headphones, or speaker but the distortion only occurred on phone calls, not while listening to music. Needless to say, there is an actual issue here. I went to the Apple store and tried some of the display models there with the same result. I did get a replacement and the replacement is not as bad but it still has static/distortion/crackling.


    I don't think Apple will ever own up to this. There have been bluetooth issues since the iPhone 4 (which I discovered in forums while trying to fix my phantom bluetooth "issue") which Apple has not even addressed. I, personally, do not have bluetooth issues but I do have a very real static issue. This probably will not be a cheap fix for Apple as I believe it's a hardware issue. I don't know, though, if it's only on 4S. Can anyone verify on a 4? If it is hardware, it might have to do with their "state-of-the-art" antenna switching technology.

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    I have AT&T's iphone 4s (black, 16gb). I am hearing the same snap crackle pop in my earpiece too. You can definitely hear it when loading web pages in safari (load a webpage and hold the earpiece to your ear while the page loads). Also, I can hear crackling through the earpiece when the phone is on the home screen and not doing anything. The crackling was happing on both iOS 5.0 and 5.0.1. I swapped phones at an apple store after complaining but the replacement has crackling noises too. This sounds is driving me b-a-n-a-n-a-s and I think apple should fix the issue and recall all the current iphone 4s models.


    I do not hear crackling noises on my friend's iphone 4s from verizon, strange eh?

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    Second phone here. Country Portugal. Network OPTIMUS. Still the crack noises... I'm going to call apple tomorrow.

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    Received my third iPhone 4S 32GB black. And the buzzing/static sound is now gone...


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    I took my 4s in to the genius bar for the crackling issue yesterday and so far my replacement phone does NOT have the issue. The guy at the store said he could hear the noise (took it in the back to confirm). He wrote up the ticket as a "rattling noise" and told me it was probably the speaker. I'm skeptical of that, but so far so good. If you are having the issue, I suggest you try getting a replacement they may have fixed it.

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    I got a replacement today, noise is still here. In uk

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    Same issue. Got a replacement phone, made no difference.  Got a case number from apple.

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    I am also having this static noise. Sounds like a bee is in my phone. I'm thinking about seeing if I can get an exchange after seeing a couple of people say that they got an exchange and the problem is gone. Although, most are saying that the problem is still there. I don't know what to do. I don't want to exchange and get one that's worse. It's happened before. Decisions, decisions!

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