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  • geoffreyfromgic Level 1 Level 1

    I suffer from a similar problem especially with Mail. It crashes sometimes in mid composition.

    Sometimes my carefully composed mail just disappears. Unlike in the web based Gmail which automatically backs up the Drafts.

    Trying to finds alternative Mail program App.

    Also Safari very slow now.


    How can we get Apple support?

    I think I will try the local Apple Store and actually go there.

    I doubt whether their reps read all these postings


  • wordsareuseless Level 1 Level 1

    okay - i did delete the iCloud account and it is somewhat faster however BY NO MEANS up to the original speed!


    something needs to be done about this and pretty urgently! Apple!!!! Please take note!!! People who have shelved out $700-1000 for your new and cutting edge product are NOT HAPPY!!!!! I can survive without iCloud and everything (!!!) else you have offered with this new upgrade - i need my iPad to run just as fast as it did before!!! At this point, i could tell for sure that I would be happy with the downgrade option if it was offered!


    This is ridiculous I still have my iTouch 1generation and it runs slower than a turtle after 3 years, and nothing is available for it anymore as far as apps, updates, upgrades, etc. etc. etc. Noone would help me with it anymore, noone would repair it for me, etc.etc. And how iPad - i have a menacing feeling that my iPad1 will be considered an ancient artifact (a term one Apple associate used to describe my 3-year old iMac once) within the next year.


    I do like the idea of Apple products but I sure as **** do not like the way they conduct their business!!!

  • geoffreyfromgic Level 1 Level 1

    How can I Downgrade?


    Once again, " if it ain't bust, don't fix it"

    Maybe  I will Jailbreak.

    Apple are you listening?


  • mikecgo Level 1 Level 1

    Yes it is really slow ..turtle slow specially on the ibooks apps it take almost a min to open a pdf file books before just seconds , are their any choice to downgrade the iOS 5 to the previous version.. Next time Apple's should forewarn us ..this is not fun

  • RichLockard Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same issues as others are describing here after upgrading my iPad (1) to iOS 5. The iPad's performance has dropped over all; there is lag when swiping the home screens, keyboard lag, app loading delays, and is jus over-all very jerky in operation. I have tried both upgrading, and restoring.


    Hoping to see this fixed in iOS 5.1, as I have only had this device for a few months. Gestures would be nice as well, having the iOS experience universal in operation across the two tablet devices.

  • Ashtonzmom Level 1 Level 1

    I've had the same experience . Everything is extremely slow. I have turned off iCloud and notifications. Rebooted tons of time and the lag is still there. Every 3rd time I go to my calendar (which I do constantly for work) there is no data in the calendar. I have to swipe to the next month and back and then it is there.  Keyboard reaction is insanely slow.  Opening pretty much every app (including native iPad apps) has a good 10 second lag. Not acceptable. I bought my iPad the month it was released and I can not tell you how many people I have recommended it to. At least 10 people I know of bought one based on my recommendation. That stops until this gets fixed.

  • gs_rivera Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same slowdown from the moment iOS5 was installed, was becoming unbearable. A few minutes ago I decided to turn off all notifications, mainly going to settings/notifications and ensuring that the In Notification Center" says EMPTY. It's not enough to disable the notification display, the Notification Center switch for all entries need to be OFF. Immediately my iPad became responsive, my keyboard is once again keeping up and responsive as before. For me this was the solution, hope it helps others. FYI, my iCloud is enabled but only backing up the contacts and other individual items, not performing the iPad complete backup to the cloud.

  • geoffreyfromgic Level 1 Level 1

    I tried all the measures in this thread, but it did not help.

    I then found the regional support telephone number and called.

    I was instructed to connect iPad to P C, on iTunes, and to restore, but as as though it is a New IPad.

    Not with original settings.

    Having previously backed up on iTunes, it later restored by purchased Apps.

    So far, this has been done, and I am about to start browsing afresh.

    I will report..


  • itunes-is-rubbish Level 1 Level 1

    gs_rivera your suggestion did the trick for me.  ipad 1 is woefully slow with all the notifications turned on it is un-usable.  Strange because the exact same notifications were on before the upgrade and no problem was seen. With all the notifications turned off, I can atleast watch iView again.  Very disappointed in the problems with iOS 5 I can only assume it is a deliberate ploy to force upgrades.  Such a blatant abuse by Apple makes me reconsider other options like the samsung solutions...

  • gs_rivera Level 1 Level 1

    Glad to hear it helped someone else.


    Just to clarify, I'm still using and seeing notification popups. What I did was turn off Notification Center for all applications (this is the first toggle switch found on the upper right of all individual apps/services in the Settings/Notifications section).

  • Galley Level 1 Level 1

    I took my iPad to the Genius Bar.  Their diagnostics showed that I had low virtual memory.  The genius told me to empty the notification center list, force close apps often, and turn off all non-essential location services. That didn't seem to help.  I can have only one app running, and that app will crash after only a few minutes. Aaargh!

  • walterfromvienna Level 1 Level 1

    Had exactly the same issues. after disabling notification center for all applications, I am back to normal speed on my iPad 1 and it is usable again. Big Thanks to gs_rivera!

  • martmitch Level 1 Level 1

    Another thanks to gs_rivera


    Was horrified after having my iPad 1 for just one month to upgrade to ios5 and have the previously silky smooth tablet reduced to lots of lag and crashing :(


    I'd really recommend downloading process killer from AppStore as it shows how much system memory is available and points out exactly why it's very slow under ios5 - no free memory!


    In order to get back to about 90% of what I had before I've disabled all notifications, deleted the iCloud acc from the iPad and now close every app from running in the background after use, whereas before i never had to . hardly a good user experience and even following all that I still have a slightly leggy keyboard typing this :(


    One ruddy month I've had this iPad :(

  • jeffreyafan Level 1 Level 1

    Same here but on iPhone 4.  Everything is slower to open; SMS, apps, browser.  I'm the biggest Apple fan so it pains me to have trouble with Apple products that generally 'just work' but frustrated that everything takes twice as long to do on my iPhone and it is perfectly correlated to my upgrade to ios5. Bummer.  Apple ?

  • hijimi Level 1 Level 1

    I have noticed laggy performance in iCal & Address Book but assumed it was due it iCloud syncing and I would have to live with it as a trade off for new iCloud functionality. I could live with that, BUT Safari was absolutely unusable...wouldn't even launch all the way before crashing. I tried shutting down all background apps and doing a hard reset, but that did not improve Safari performance. I turned off bookmark syncing in iCloud and it made a big difference. Now Safari will at least launch (most of the time) and browsing usually works. But it still takes a long time to launch and crashes way too often. UNACCEPTABLE!! I will probably use iSwifter or something in the meantime. It's too bad because otherwise I rather like the new features of Safari. But the most tricked out new app is no use if it won't even run...


    Third party apps that I use seem to work well, iBooks and Newstand load a little slowly. Hopefully this is a temporary symptom of so many people suddenly using iCloud. I expect the delays will lessen as Apple gathers more data on iCloud operation and is able to fine tune their operations ( fingers crossed...).


    I play around with a lot of synth apps that are memory hogs and only occasionally get a low memory error.

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