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  • K_Nemo Level 1 (0 points)

    I upgraded to 5.1 IOS on my iPad 1 and it is running better. System speeds up.

  • WatchOutMan Level 1 (0 points)

    Few weeks passed following update to iOS5.1...........on ipad 1

    More frequent safari crashes, though not as bad as ex-5.1, and slow response on wordprocessing were due to come over again............

  • Damce2it Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been using the SYS-activity app. It speeds things up and frees up memory, but I sometimes have to use it ever 20 minutes or so.

  • dvvvv8888 Level 1 (0 points)

    When is everybody going to notice the pattern that occurs with every single line of apple product?



    The company is successful because of their talent in forcing users to update their products, often quite prematurely. I am writing this on a macbook pro from 2009 - still brand new to me, but without the newest operating system, I cannot use many of the new features and am slowely becoming outdated to the point where nessasary software and utilites cannot run on my "outof date system".

    Can i upgrade? YES. Am i encouraged to update? Indirectly, YES.

    Will the new update slow down my machine and make it seem as though my hardware is out of date, thereby forcing me to buy another one? Absolutly.


    I have two identical iphone 3g devices infront of me, one of them is running ios3.1.3 and the other is running the latest-supported 4.2.1 NEITHER ARE JAILBROKEN. The "updated" one is SO MUCH SLOWER it is almost unreal, its a real eye opener.



    It's not wrong because of the addiction that apple has created for its products, its wrong that some of the cost that we pay for these overpriced items go to the R&D of how to make the product lifespans shorter.

  • goka Level 1 (0 points)

    Oh no - another consipracy theory troll hijacking this thread (search for the user Calgarystar to find another one). Before I unsubscribe to this threaad, I just have to make quick reply:


    The arguments are just...not belivable (to use a not so strong expression). So you, in your line of thinking, you think that a company by purpose would make their products bad, so people would by more products from that company?


    So for instance, Ford should by purpose make their cars break down after just a years usage, so people would go and buy a new...Ford? Why would they do that?


    I just moved a PowerMac Cube bought in 1999 to a friends house, since he needed a Mac to complement his Windows computer. The Cube is turning 13 years old this year, and it runs a fairly updated OS (10.5.8) where all programs he needs works.


    Computers are a saturated and stable technology, mobile is not. The mobile technology exploded with the iPhone, and it keeps exploding as developers makes up new brilliant software to run on the devices, pushing them to their limits. Desktops computers and laptops don't need more power these days, they work just fine with the speed that has been available for quite som time, while mobile devices will age way much more quickly due to the exponential growth of usage and new ideas of how they can be used.


    I'm glad Apple still develops the iOS so the devlopers can keep on pushing the limits of what's possible to do with them. If you don't want the latest features in iOS and just use old versions of apps, then don't upgrade.

  • ovib Level 1 (0 points)

    That's exactly what I want: don't upgrade! (in my case, revert, downgrade, because i allready am up to date) .

    But Apple forbids it!

  • songstruck Level 1 (0 points)

    Come on, calling the comment a conspiracy theory is hyperbolic.

      (As I am typing this, I'm three letters ahead of the text appearing on the screen).


    There are always improvements in the development of new products, everyone expects that, no conspiracy is implied.  It is simply that it is very dissappointing and inconveniant if the product begins to perform poorly.


    The question here is, does it have to?


    Your old Ford's performance will diminish with age, but if you fully restore it, it will perform to original specs.


    My old iPad is not worn out, the microprocessor, memory, display, etc, are all in good working order.  The iPad as a whole however does not perform at the same level as when I bought it - because of the inabailability of an OS that allows it.


    So, that Model T required leaded fuel, but you can restore it and put an additive in the gasoline to let it run like new.


    As the OS's leapfrog the apps, and the apps catch up, the older iPads become less capable of original performance,  is there a fix?  Does Apple have the incentive to keep customers of older products happy?  Probably not!

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    Can someone make a video of web surfing on which is full of pictures. u will realise how slow the iPad has become. Can a iPad user with Ios 4 make a video and another with iOS 5 do so too, den we will prove whether it's indeed a conspiracy theory. I have my suspicions that's iOS 5 safari browsing indeed is slowed down

  • goka Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple solver wrote:


    Can someone make a video of web surfing on which is full of pictures. u will realise how slow the iPad has become. Can a iPad user with Ios 4 make a video and another with iOS 5 do so too, den we will prove whether it's indeed a conspiracy theory. I have my suspicions that's iOS 5 safari browsing indeed is slowed down

    That only proves that iPad 1 is slower on iOS5 compared to iOS 4.3, and I don't think anyones disagrees with this. In order to fully exploit the possibilties in newer iPads, iOS has evolved, which has lead to less than optimal performance on the old device.


    To prove that there is a conspiracy going on, you need to find some proofs that Apple on purpose cripples old devices in order to get people buy new ones. Before you start infiltrating Apple headquarters at Infinite Loop, you might start with the question: according to which logic and methodology of marketing would making your products perform bad actually strengthen your market position?


    You can't expect old devices to run as well as new devices using the same OS with the same functionality.


    The only thing I see Apple should rectify is the possibility to downgrade to iOS 4 since it should be up to each and every user to try the latest version for themselves and then choose if it's worth the performance penalty or not.

  • Damce2it Level 1 (0 points)

    At cnbc they seem to belive in apple's use of planned obsolescence



    "It's a fantastic business model - the more of our products you own, the more likely you are to buy more," says Jay Campbell, a vice president of Hart Research Associates, which conducts the CNBC survey along with Bill McInturff. "Planned obsolescence has always been a part of the technology industries sales model, but Apple has taken it to a whole new level."

    Our survey shows Apple buyers tend to be male, college-educated, and younger. They're just as likely to own a home as not. Not surprisingly, the more money you earn, the more Apple products you're likely to own."




  • WatchOutMan Level 1 (0 points)

    Has anyone experienced the same after upgrading to iOS5.1?

    It would take you 2-3 times effort to open PDF / epub format ebooks on ibooks, no matter you open them straightly from Safari download, or have tried alternatively, indirectly via email attachments, dropbox or even goodreader.

    It is now just very tedious, annoying, deadly frustrating and no longer enjoyable to use ibooks.

    Conspiracy or not, users gotta accept the truth, either you gotta tolerate imperfection on old stuff, or go swapping for a fresh model.

    But some from here are right, apple should at least allow users to choose whether to upgrade or retreat back onto previous iOS versions, like people still prefer to run XP on PC for the sake of their wellness, and option.

  • knurd Level 1 (0 points)

    I bought an iPad 1 yesterday, full fresh restore to 5.1 without syncing with a previous backup and it works fantastic.  No lag, crashes, etc...  From reading some posts on here, I did keep iCloud to a minimum by only syncing mail, contacts, calendars and notes.  But thats really the only thing I limited.

  • latebeat Level 1 (0 points)

    I second that! Everything that you're experiencing is absolutely true.

    iBooks is simply UNUSABLE with ipad 1 anymore. I've limited my reading of ebooks to the kindle app and goodreader and fastpdf for pdfs. Even after a full fresh restore to 5.1 ibooks takes ages even to just open!!


    It's just a fact, and no future version of iOS can remedy the problem with ipad1. The hardware has just been outdated and it's a shame that apple offers no option to downgrade if you've upgraded your software. Ipad 1 has not enough memory, heck even an iphone has more Ram nowadays, and sandboxing every single app is the single no.1 feature that's affecting performance for "older" (if u can call a 2 year old tablet that's in mint condition "older") tablets.

    At this point I'm so dissatisfied that I'm "forced" to move to a new product in order to get the initial snappy feeling. Let me tell you that I've even played with an ipad3 for a week. And apart from the new retina display, the feeling for everything else was exactly the way it was when I first got ipad 1!!!!! Nothing was snappier than that initial speedy response everyone was experiencing when ipad 1 first came out. So basically (again apart from the screen) someone has to cash around $700 in order to get the same speedy response and feeling that they got 3 years ago when they bought ipad 1 because at this point ipad 1 is so sluggish!!

  • David Steinberg Level 1 (75 points)

    It's sad to say but iOS products should never be upgraded to another major update e.g 3 to 4 or 4 to 5. If my iPad 1 had from the get go more RAM, It probably perform better. Lesson learned. Bad for us consumer, good for shareholders.


    At least on the Mac side I used to get full 3 years out of the machines when getting fully loaded MacPros.

  • LeCafe Level 1 (0 points)

    Having used the iPad for about a year and a half now I do agree with most others that the iPad had a significant performance hit after upgrading to ios5. I didn't notice that much of an improvement after upgrading to ios 5.1 but it's probably because it wasn't as bad in the first place, but nonetheless, a disssapointment compared to ios4.


    However, I still fail to comprehend how my iPad can be that much worse than my 3rd generation iPod touch (consider it the equivalent of the iPhone 3GS), considering that it has a better processor (a4@ 1ghz) compared to a comparatively lousy 600 MHz processor found on the iPod. my iPod touch runs just as smooth (in fact, equally as smooth) as my iPhone 4. Bear in mind that the iPod also has 256 mb of ram just like the the iPad. Is it because the iPad has to power apps that are in high resolution (1024 768) compared to those in the iPod (480 320)? Still, the A4 should help it out a bit compared to the iPod.

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