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  • vinniemac Level 1 (0 points)

    I upgraded to 5.1.1 today. IMHO it makes the performance worse. I'd recently started to use the Track8 music app under 5.1, but it crashes as soon as you click on an album since the 5.1.1 upgrade. Typing lag is still there, and any graphics intensive web page will crash Safari

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    I couldn't deal with issue anymore. I love my iPad and getting an Android or any other brand wasn't a consideration. So I sold my first generation iPad on Craigslist. It took two days after posting to sell. I priced it at $300 and got $260. Apple reduced the price of refurbished iPads this week. I ordered the $319 iPad 2 16GB WiFi model. With tax, it cost me $347. That's $87 out my pocket. It means, I just paid $87 for my iPad2. It'll arrive around May 17. Something to consider, instead of dealing with the agravation.

  • Pinger Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry to say but I think it's just going to get slower with each update, iOS 5 is geared towards the newer devices and iPads which have much higher performing components (processors and such).

    I think Junior Golden's idea is probably best if planning in staying with the iPad, personally I'm still on the fence of either doing as he did or going to a android tablet and rootin...


    one feature I thought was exclusive to apple products was streaming music, video and photos to our HDTV via Apple TV2 but found a app last night for my rooted GalaxyS2 which actually connects my GS2 to Apple TV and does everything my iPad can do with Apple TV so the likelyhood of going for another iPad is getting slimmer...  Honestly if I go to a ipad2 I'll be dealing with this problem all over again when the iPhone 5 and new iPads come out and apple again releases a new iOS which will cripple our iPads even more, scares me to think how slow this 1st Gen.  iPad will be when the next iOS come out!!

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    Don't sit on the fence too long as these are refurbished items and availablity is limited. I wouldnt recommend an Android tablet due to the lack of apps, you are not guaranteed the latest OS and the resale value is also in question. I doubt you'll recoup much of your cost if you sell it in, say, two years.


    If Apple's subsequent firmware updates slows the model you own, repeat the selling process to recoup some of your cost and get a refurbish model with very little coming out of your pocket. The refurbished models have new backs and front glass, comes with one-year of AppleCare and the option to purchase an extended Applecare warranty just like when you buy it brand new. Might as well be brand new. I do the same with my iPhone. I sell my current model and buy the new model with money left over.

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    Thanks Junior, I see your point about not waiting too long and agree.

      That said you're selling android way too short, not only has android now have overtaken iPhones in sales and owners but android is on track to have more apps available from their market then the app store very very soon not to mention there far more free apps available from the Android market(google play) then at  Apple's App store.  That's not even taking into consideration the third party apps available for Androids if your device is rooted which my Galaxy S2 is and I would most definately root my android tablet if I did go that route..

    Please don't get me wrong, I'm not here to bash apple or push android rather I'm just super disappointed in how locked down iOS is and how little apple seems to care about keeping our older iPads running as fast and smooth as it did, call me cynical but I have to wonder if that's what they want so we consumers will need to buy a new device before we really should.

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    Hopefully the advice also will help other readers. I'm not sure why the original iPad has slowed with iOS 5. Could be deliberate by Apple to force us to buy new iPads or something technical, like the processor can't handle the demands of the new OS. Only Apple can say for sure. The same could be said for carriers not upgrading phones to the latest Android release, or manufacturers releasing new phones with older OSes and a promise for future updates. Only the carriers, Google and their partners know for sure.


    In real terms, iOS's 365 million devices to Google's approx 300 million Android devices, this gives IOS the lead in overall market share and 73% of mobile profits to boot. The App Store has over 600K apps with over 200K of those for iPads. Again, this gives iOS the lead over Google Play's 500K apps and about 1000 apps for their tablets. To date, the App Store has generated over $13 billion in revenues and paid Devs $4 Billion. Compared to Google Play, which has generated $1.1 Billion and paid Devs $320 Million, it's clear the App store is much more profitable. Devs favor iOS in general and they make 10 times more money. This translates to more and better apps for iOS users like you and I. Google Play was predicted to overtake the App store last year! That didn't happen and doesnt seem likely.


    Third party app stores are a security risk for Android and have been responsible for several malware outbreaks. This is in addition to Google's own Google Play store. While no approach is totally secure, the risks are reduced considerably under Apple's curated eco system, the Apps are better and OS upgrades more streamlined.


    To me Android is uninspired and lack the beauty and simplicity that makes me prefer iOS. I've been involved in tech for many years, and that experience tells me IOS is the better choice. I'll deal with its issues, as I have for years, but Android isn't an option I'd give a second thought.

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    The previous post says nothing about the matter in hand!! Please stay ON SUBJECT and don't make this thread a rant about iOS vs android!!

    This just makes things harder for the rest of the users to actually read and find the good posts in this thread that might be helpful for others.

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    Point well taken, but I'd appreciate an apology for your raised tone. We all can disagree, but there's no need to be rude. I find your tone condescending and your character childish. I strongly suggest you learn to control your responses or do us a favor and consider leaving the forum.

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    Sorry but it was I who went off topic and took this thread in the wrong direction...  Actually when I first read the moderator's post (latebeat) I thought it was at my post, well I'm sure it was in part..

    Sorry again and back to the real topic which is ios 5 and the iPad 1st gen..


    PS: Junior your points are very well put and I do after with most.. Not all lol :)

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    Ipad 1 and iOS 5.1 is SLOW, with typing stuttering, crashing of applications (e.g. Safari) and some bigger ones don't even start anymore. I did a little research, it seems a memory problem, the OS takes much more memory that applications expect, and end up against a wall... Went back to iOS 4.3, and everything started working again, as it always did.

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    I spoke to Apple support yesterday. I'd previously tried several restores both as a new iPad and from backup. None of these worked. The support tech suggested I might have a faulty installation of ios5, and that i create a new user account on my PC and open iTunes under that account. From there I was able to do a fresh download of ios5.11 and a new restore. I have my fingers crossed, but so far my iPad seems to be back to normal. No typing lag whatsoever and safari is able to handle graphics intensive pages without crashing. It's like getting a new iPad.


    If you decide to try this make sure to do a backup under your old user ID first, and then once you've done the restore under the new user ID you can switch back to the old one to restore from the backup (right click on your iPad in iTunes for this option)


    Would love to hear if this works for anyone else

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    I installed 5.0 (and subsequently 5.0.1) with no problem whatsoever but last night I purchased an album on iTunes and made the mistake of playing the first track (even though it was 100% completed) of an album that was mostly completed. When I tried playing it my iPad crashed and has been crashing every 5-10 minutes since that happeneed. It is constantly killing my battery and I cannot find a fix.


    I've tried rebooting, restarting, disabling iCloud and more to no avail. No apps work, any functions that do work only last for a few minutes before being respringed and crashing. I tried erasing all content and settings but it even crashed during that. It has less than 10MB of available memory at all times with no background programs running, iCloud disabled and the problem is it's constantly trying to update a bunch of apps that I cannot somehow cancel the update. I've tried turning off my Wifi but it doesn't help, they just pause and then resume automatically crippling my system.


    What do I do!?


    I'm about 6 months past my warranty and the nearest Apple store is hours away.

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    Yes everyone, Apple doesn't really support the iPad 1 much anymore, nor do app developers. App developers don't want to deal with the weak single core processor and underpowered for its time 256MB of RAM. It's a hassle and not worth developing for when the iPad 1 is completely overshadowed by sales of the iPad 2 and the New iPad. Same reason Apple isn't supporting it as much, it's just too much of a hassle. They made it underpowered from the start, and even the iPhone 4 was more powerful than it.


    iOS 4.x works well because the iPad 1 was still popular when it was released, now it's not.


    And since I'm sure someone will comment about the iPhone 3GS, they still support it (somewhat) because it's still being sold, but won't be when the next iPhone is announced. Another word of advice, don't get a free iPhone, ever, because they will always be discontinued and sluggish in those two year contracts.

  • HuskieN Level 3 (980 points)

    And to those saying Android tablets have caught up to the iPad, they haven't and won't until probably next year. Go actually try one and it's not a very pleasant experience, only the Transformer Prime is good because it has five CPU cores and 16 GPU cores to handle the weight of Android. And yes, Android overtook iPhones in sales awhile ago due to carriers pushing Android, and drastically lower price.

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    How did you go back to iOS 4.3?