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          hi everyone,


I have a problem because I've been sloppy. The HD on my 4,1 MBP crashed the other day, and I was not completely backed up. I was updating the OS from Leopard to Snow Leopard and the install failed. Several tries and disk repairs, etc. later I gave up and ran over to the Apple Store. I now have a brand new MB Pro which is beautiful! Using a firewire cable and starting the OLD laptop while depressing the T key I managed to copy over a lot of the stuff from the crashed drive that was important to me. However,


Because the old laptop would not boot I (apparently) am unable to use migration assistant. So, while I have copied my entire iTunes music folder onto the new desktop and then dragged it into iTunes to add it to the new iTunes library, when I plug my phone in I can't seem to add anything to it. I'm nervous about syncing it for fear that I'll wind up with a restored to factory phone. The only thing I'm able to do is backup, which I've done. I was told at the Apple Store to transfer my purchases from the iPhone but when I selected that option (right click on my phone icon) I saw a brief message flash on the apple pane at the top of the itunes window but nothing else happened. I think there must be a file somewhere that keeps a register of the devices that are plugged into iTunes which then allows me to interact with my phone? That file must still be on my old laptop. Come to think of it, there's probably one of those for my iPod Touch too. Or, I'm all wet and worried unnecessarily. Can I just sync and that will do it? By the way, I have upgraded my phone to ios 5.


Any help will be appreciated...


thanks for reading this message.


iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3
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    If you've moved your iTunes library to your new computer, did you authorize your new computer: Store>Authorize this Computer. Once done, you should be able to transfer purchases: File>Transfer Purchases. Have you moved your contacts & calendars...as well as other important data?

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    hi wjosten,


    Thanks for contributing to this discussion. I don't think I have formally authorized this computer, no. At least I don't remember. I was in panic mode for a day or two. Let me try this and I'll post again in a few minutes.



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    hi again,


    I have two apple IDs, one for US and one for Canadian purchases. Both IDs are authorized on the new computer. I then clicked transfer purchases... The procedure ran for about 3 seconds, giving me two messages: Waiting for sync to start, and, waiting for changes to be applied. I again tried to transfer a new playlist to my phone but nothing happened, indicating to me that I don't have authorization to make changes to the phone. I just don't know what I'm missing...

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    It's not devices that are authorized, it's computers. Have you authorized your computer for both iTunes accounts?

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    yes, sorry. I didn't say that properly. I have authorized the computer for both iTunes accounts.

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    hey wjosten (and others, too),


    maybe I'm looking at this problem the wrong way. Perhaps I should sync the iPhone to iTunes, to transfer the purchases from the phone into the library? I've been hesitant to do that simply because I don't want to lose what is on the phone because iTunes doesn't recognize my ID. Any thoughts? 



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    iTunes includes an option to transfer iTunes content that was purchased/downloaded from the iTunes store from an iPod, iPad, or iPhone, but this is for iTunes content that was purchased/downloaded from the iTunes store only.


    After the transfer from your iPhone, all iTunes content on your iPhone will be erased first with the first sync with iTunes on your new computer.


    No such problem when transferring your iTunes library from your old computer to your new computer per the link provided along with all other important data.


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