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samcham Level 1 Level 1

I created a location-based reminder on my iPhone 4S  using Siri, to call my wife when I leave work.  The address shows up in the Remind Me tab, and "At a Location" is on.  In Settings>Location Services, Location Services are on, and both Siri and Reminders are on.


I received no reminder when I left work, and can't figure out why.  Seems like I did everything right.  Any ideas?

  • lawnman Level 2 Level 2

    The Notifications app seem buggier then Siri currently. Do you have a contact called "Work" in your contact list ? If not try that first. The examples Apple uses to "sell" the feature are not honest. For example the one where someone asks Siri to remind them to get a specific item form the grocery store only works if you have a contact called "Grocery Store" with the physical address. Classic bait and switch IMO.

  • HerbieGooner Level 1 Level 1

    I set up a reminder to get my Mother's birthday card when I left the office, with no specific date or time.


    I left the office, by car, at lunchtime but the location based reminder did not activate until I was pulling back into my office carpark having returned from lunch.


    Not brilliant.