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    I went and purchased the Airport Express. Seems that I had my iMac as a router and that was causing my iPhone not to respond wifi. So now the iPhone is working EXTREMELY FAST now with wifi

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    Hi dbpaudio - That is correct. Wi-Fi troubleshooting practically includes configuring two devices (your router and mobile device) and a lot could go on. But I'm glad that adding your MAC  address to your router worked for you. That is a security feature of most routers. I'm using Linksys E1500 and it can be configured to allow or NOT allow a specific list of MAC addresses. It prevents anonymous (unregistered) users from riding on your network. Congrats on solving your problem!

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    Hi guys, need some help here. I do not seem to have any problem connecting to any WiFi AP. however I realised 3 issues here:

    1. My 4S runs at have the speed of my 3GS. I run speed test connecting them to the same server. (I run the test seperately back to back to avoid conflict). Run over 30 times and 4S is consistently slower.


    2. When I run the test using multiple devices at the same time, the 4S always seems to have a lower priority and runs at a slower speed comparing to other devices including my 3GS.

    (However when I run using 2 4S together, they are both consistently slow)


    3. My 3rd issue is already a said issue but I still can't find a solution to it. When I am streaming videos like in YouTube, it loads exceptionally slow and hangs every few seconds. I do not have such issue with my 3Gs.


    Glad if you guys are able to assist. Anyone having such issues?



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    My issue is not really connecting with a wiFi, instead, it is most times not being able to detect visible and strong networks around (my private network or others)... and losing connection after some time... Restoring the phone as a new one did solve the problem for a few hours, but it went back to the same behaviour... It is unacceptable that for wiFi to work properly on the iPhone, I should restore my phone as new, everyday, and that would not even grant me a full day with wiFi working as it should...


    Anyway, as for others facing connection issues... it seems to me that the question here should never be adding a fixed mapping on the router...

    Any phone with wiFi capacity should be able to connect to any wiFi router. One should be able to use the phone on any available network that allows connection on any protocol supported by the iPhone, and although configuring your own router with a fix address may solve your problems, one cannot simply go to an airport/train station/whatever public place's router, and add your own MAC address...

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    I agree, having to add a MAC address should not have to be the answer for the reasons you gave. I got the phone for a christmas present and haven't been back to work since. I'll see what it does today when I am there. It was not a "fix" - it was a "workaround" (at least this way I was able to enjoy my phone without having to use my 3G alotment). Clearly there is a software problem that apple needs to address.

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    I got my iphone 4s the first weekend it came out and ever since the software update, the wifi has been having issues.  It would connect fine and work, but then all of a sudden, it shows that it is connected, but is not actually connected.  So, I either had to turn the wifi off and use 3g or turn off the phone and turn it back on.  This would happen at home, at work, at starbucks, at barnes, everywhere.  I called the service line and was on the phone with them 3 different times for a total of 3 hours (ridiculous), but still no fix.  Finally brought my phone in on Black Friday (which was a nightmare) and they gave me a new phone.  Had been working fine, until the past couple of weeks, where the same issues is coming back.  This is getting really annoying. 


    There obviously has to be a software issue that APPLE is not addressing!!!  I am not a tech savy person, so the whole MAC address thing, etc. I'm clueless on.  I just want my phone to work normally like my 3gs did.  I never had issues with my 3gs.  I don't want to get another new phone and go through the whole process again.  I have already wasted hours of my personal time to resolve this and nothing works. 


    Sorry for all the venting on my first post.


    Any suggestions?  Thanks.

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    Easy Solution Hold Down Your Homepage Button and your power button untill your phone restarts ignore the red slider to turn off the phone just keep holding it for longer and it should solove all problems. if not then check some of your apps and make your they are not anything dodgy or something you dont trust if everything looks fine consult your network provider they will have a tech support team to help you.

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    Easy fix For the wifi problem if your phone continually has the circle spinning and wont connect to your wifi, what it is that your phones is having ann i.p conflict on the network, i'v just come arcoss the same problem tonight and i tried setting a static i.p to stop the i.p clash but it didnt work for me i also changed some router setting again it didnt seem to fix this issue. what fixxed it for me is i started by forgetting all the network info on my 4s by pressing the blue arrow next to my network name in my wifi settings page when down to the bottom and forgot the network you also have to delete any custom setting you've put in yourself like i did. i then switch the wifi off and the phone aswell as any other phones laptops xboxs etc i turned my router off and all my devices on my network. then i switched my router back on and then waited for it load back up switched the phone on that was having the problem and switched the wifi back on, on the phone and it fixxed the issue like i said its a i.p conflict on the network. after you've done that switch all your devices back on.

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    I also have same problem from 2-01-2012 night in my home my I phone 4s always drop the sginal when i try to join the wifi network "Unable to join the network"  this message is appear and when I go to close my wifi router then I successfully join my home network. But my laptop is working fine before 2nd January I did not have this problem. I also reset my phone network setting same problem. I check my phone in my office  in office before it’s working properly now the wifi signal is unstable mean up and down . Anyone knows the solution then please update about this problem.

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       Yea unfortunately at least for my phone and what I understand MANY others, this WiFi connection issue happens on ANY network we connect to, not just our home network


        Go to an Starbucks, connect there, get 3 or 4 minutes of Wifi, and then it locks up, no WiFi at all. Turn off WiFi, then Turn it back on, get maybe another 3 or 4 minutes, Go to the Library, same deal, go to a Barnes & Noble same story. You only get about 3 minutes of WiFi uses before the iPhone will no longer transfer information over the WiFi signal, it just sits and spins it's little "circle of ****"


        This is a defect in the iPhone 4S software and it needs to be addressed by Apple ASAP.


        Glad you fixed your issue though.



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    'My Iphone 4s arrived yesterday but unfortunately I can't seem to get the wifi running.

    It sees the SSID of my accespoint/router (AP) but it cannot login.

    'When I manually enter SSID, password,  and manually assign IP adress, DNS, etc it looks as it it connects however no connection with internet. (when manually setup of network in iphone 4s, there will be a V displayed behind the SSID of the used network, but still no internet though).


    Tried resetting network settings in iphone, updating AP firmware, disable MAC adres safetyfeature in AP, disable 40 Mhz bandwith setting, resetting AP and Iphone, but so far no succes.


    Funny thing is that two other iphones 3G and two ipad2's that I have in my household work fine with my AP/router, also with MAC filtering and WPA2 encryption setup in my AP/router.


    Even when I setup my AP/router totally open (no WPA & MAC filtering) I can use it with both iphone 3G's and ipad2's, but the iphone4s does not work the WIFI. (but it will detect the network SSIDS).


    Even tried assigning the iphone 4s in my AP to a fixed IP adress etc and seting up the iphone4s manually in the same settings, but no success.


    Any Idea's / suggestions before I return the iphone 4s back to apple?

    (I'm using apple devices for simplicity and ease -of-use; as this currently is not the case I don't intend fiddling around any further as it ain't worth the amount of money I had to pay for it! it it turns out that it needs huge amounts of time to get wifi running)


    Ps. My AP/router is a sitecom 300n running the latest firmware (same goes for the iphone 4s).





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    Guess what.. I've managed to fix the iphone 4s wifi problem by increasing beacontime of SSID to 50 ms. (instead of 1024 ms)... instant succes!

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    Hi all,


    I also have same problem 2days before but this not Iphone 4s wifi signal problem this problem because when I buy the phone it is working very good but after two days I cover my Iphone 4s with metal case after this wifi signal is not stabile.  I realize this problem is appear of metal case I remove metal case and I found my phone once again working with wifi excellent.


    If you guy have metal case then remove and try I think you phone will be also fine try it.  


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    Hi guys,

    I've managed to solve the problem (at least for now) simply by setting a static DNS addresses on my router - after that, my iPhone 4s straight away connected to WiFi (without me even touching it!). So it seems to be a solution for me. Mind you, you've got to get DNS addresses from your service provider or use for example Google DNS - and (or any other OpenDNS addresses).


    Hope it helps ;)


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    Sorry guys but the solution of changing your DNS entry or changing the method used to connect (TKIP / AES, etc.) is BS.  I do have extensive technical experience in this area. The fact that the phone worked with no problems since I bought it on the release date with the problems popping up recently indicates a phone problem.  I have done the reboots, restores, and router power cycles with no resolution.  All of my other devices have worked fine: Macbooks, iPads, PCs, XBOX, Harmony Link, etc.  I now have a Cisco 871w and a Cisco 891w as my personal and work routers at home and it has worked flawlessly.


    The problem is Apple's.

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