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    Well, I'm now on my 3rd 4S. And after being treated absolutely appalling at the "genius" ( more like ignorant ) tech support at the Trafford centre uk I still have the fault. I've now tried 3 different routers, 3 different phones and numerous different setups in all the phones and all the routers, still the wifi locks up, shows connected but it's dead, when it locks up, if I try to ping the ip address from the router it doesn't find it. If I turn the wifi off/on it then starts to work again.  This is not a setup issue, a router issue or a home network issue...this is an issue with the 4s.  The tech support have admitted there is nothing else I can try or attempt to change.  And now apple say that as far as they are concerned nothing is wrong although all these complaints with similar issues exist. I was extremely impressed with the bull I was given how my iPad and 3GS work with no probs, but it's still my home network on 3 different routers.  Apple sort this out, it is now beyond a joke...the worlds greatest ever smartphone....with pathetic wifi

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    The same problem... Even in other country )))

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    Well there you....must definitely be my network then.....what a crock is sheet

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    Finally managed to go the Apple Store where I bought it, and the genius that checked my phone said my iPhone had a problem, as he never saw such behavior with the wiFi as in my case... as I posted before, my iPhone issue is quite different from most people. Gladly, they exchanged my phone, and now wifi is working great... Let's hope it does not go back the same behavior as the other iPhone...



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    Update from 3rd 4s is the worst of the lot, can't even load a video

    On YouTube without it locking up.  Vodafone have told me tonight they have had numerous complaints of the same issue where the wifi shows connected but is as dead as a door nail !!.  Our company has a business contract with Vodafone, 5 of my work colleagues have gone from the iPhone 4 to 4s.  They now have the problem !!!, my friend has the same problem...but as apple say, it's not the phone it's my wifi !!!!!!.  What a load of bull !!!!!.  Enough is is going on eBay.  Apple are a joke

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    Maybe your router is too old because some web said that iOS5 didn't support some router

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    Apple Airport Express 7.6 is too old?


    After full restore firmware in iTunes i have 2-nd day without problems

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    I've got 2 new 4S's, one have never had a problem the other constant wifi connection issues... Of course it didn't happen at the spint store so they would'nt replace the phone.  Couldn't keep connection at home for more then a few minutes, all the same issues as listed her, wierd ip address propogation, spinning connection with no checkmark. somtimes reseting network would help, other time not. A power off and on of the phone would always bring it back, if only for a few minutes. Tried channel changes, nope, tried static ip, nope... here's what I did that FINALLY WORKED!!!! I reset the phone, Settings=>General=>Reset=>Reset all settings!! DID NOT RESTORE FROM A BACKUP!  , no need to as nothing gets lost as far as apps or data goes. Problem gone! Running at my networks full 15mbp/s now and no more drop outs, no idea what the software glitch was but it must be software (caused by poor hardware?? who the **** knows)... hope this helps for yout too!

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    Yesterday wi-fi die. After restart iPhone all works fine. Even full restore does not fixing this bug. I think it's only ios5 bug, maybe 5.0.1, only.

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    Well i too am having the same issues, iPhone worked fine for a number of days, then realised it wasnt connected. Did all the usual tests, restores, firmware restores blah blah blah and finaly rang Apple just to see what they said since so many people are having this issue. They tried to take me through all the restores again and what not and said it wasnt a known issue with the 4S and the only issue they do know of is the one with the battery's. Well i think there's a gross oversight here and there is quite clearly an issue.

    After asking me to check the phones IP address and i told him the wifi options were greyed out and it said N/A in the IP window he finaly said yes there was a hardware issue and it needs replacing.


    Luckily i'd already spoken to my mobile network and they've said i can go and get a replacement back at the shopi got it from, but judging from the number of people who have had numerous replacements im not too optimistic.


    I still cant believe Apple have not responded to this issue or even acknowledged it as a fault.


    Mr. Jobs must been spinning in his grave


    Message was edited by: Ross82 Just out of curiosity, is there any trend to the model of phones with issues, mines the 64GB for instance.

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    In this week, this issue jumps out again suddenly on my phone! I have two wifi connections at home. Both of them are not connectable during this unknown wifi issue in place. My final solution is to restart the phone.(tried: restart wifi, turn on airplane mode, renew lease) It works twice up till now. It seems that the issue is only a software bug in ios 5 rather than hardware issue in phone or router. I am trying to simulate it again. Hope the issue can be located and fixed soon.

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    I have the iPhone 4S problem no Wi-fi or in portuguese, "Sem Wi-Fi". I have done everything possible, it is a hardware problem, I'm sure...

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    Hey krikaoli, I too got "Sem Wi-fi" problem... If you have done everything in your reach to solve the problem (reset network settings, restore iPhone as new, etc. ...) . If it is rare that your iPhone even detects any networks around it even though others seem to see them without a problem (in my case I would see networks with 65% strength on my blackberry and none on my iPhone), then you should take it to an Apple Store or support partner. I did that and they gave me a new one. Which works great!


    Best of luck! Boa sorte!

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    [ENGLISH]  The same problem in a Spanish iPhone 4S from. 699€ in a Phone that couldn't get wifi well. I came from a nokia N80 and a Nokia N97 and I never had problems with the same Router. Now I want to download something with it on wifi mode and I have to battle with my router, restarting it and doing everything.


    I only hope that this is just a short in time software problem and I can to connect it well soon... or my next phone will be something like a LG or SAMSUNG.



    [ESPAÑOL]  El mismo problema con un iPhone 4S en español. 699€ en un movil que no puede tener bien la conexión wifi. Vengo de un nokia N80 y un nokia N97 y nunca tuve problemas con el mismo router. Ahora quiero descargar algo con el wifi y tengo que pelearme con el router, reiniciaidolo y haciendo de todo.


    Espero que solo sea un corto problema de software y que pueda conectarlo pronto bien... o mi proximo terminal será algo así como un LG o un SAMSUNG.

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