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  • RCBASTOS Level 1 Level 1

    Jomaski, i'm in the exactely same situation that you repported.

    I bought my 4S in the first week of jan/2012. Two weeks from now my wifi just doesn't work.

    I face all kind of problems in a randon order with no explanation:

    -Sometimes its greyed out

    -Sometimes it doesn't recognize any network

    -Sometimes it connects but it drops in 10 minutes.


    I tried everything i read in the internet....i just can't find a solution.


    My phone's wifi started working strangely one month ago when the wifi was always disabled when the phone was locked. I had always to unlock the phone to get the wifi working. I gradually passed from this stage to a complete maze of random wifi problems.


    Since i bought my macbook, my first impression o having apple stuff was that it would be a relation of love and hate.

    Time goes by and i don't find many reasons to increase the love.


    I see many people telling that they have to change the set up of the router but, in my parent's home, for example, there are 5 devices runing others OS and i'm the only one with an iphone and, guess what: The iphone is the only one that don't work. Now...the question: Is it normal to think that, in a place were everything works flawesly but the iphone....the problem is in the poor ROUTER!?!?!? Comme on...give me a break!


    In the case of my phone, i just don't know what to do other than wait for the good humor of the device to get working. The 1 year garantie is done and i don't think that it worths going to the apple store(maybe i'll try it as a last shot.... or i'll spill honey on it...).


    My conclusion is: If you like technology you should avoid apple.

    If i don't get this phone fixed soon its sure that i'll start getting out of the apple box.

  • whosespoiled Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same issue. I bought my son and myself an Iphone 4S - my sons WIFI is grayed out and can't even turn it on and mine will only work at work so this is costing us alot of data money. We can't get on the Interenet without using our data now and both of these phones were purchased thru ATT in December. Ridiculus that both phones are messed up and Apple is still selling these with the issues they know they have. My husband has an Iphone as well as his works and it works in our house.

  • macamatør Level 1 Level 1

    Does anybody know if Apple are answering any of the questions asked in this forum? I was hoping a forum by apple would be of interest of apple to help us customers to find a solution.


    We have 3 phones with the WIFI problem. It flickers and are unsteady on all phones. Espesially on my wifes 4s, but also on my doughters 4 and my own 5. Impressing is that my old 3GS is still working perfectly, but this has NOT been upgraded to IOS6.....


    Maybe apply could find a solution to downgrade to IOS 5 since that at least worked (i think...)



  • RCBASTOS Level 1 Level 1

    I went to the applestore last saturday, here is the update:

    When i started to describe my problem, the attendant made two questions: Is it an Iphone 4S?When did you buy it?

    My answer: Yes, this is an Iphone 4S and i bought it 1year and 2 months ago so the warranty is gone. I'm sure that he saw a lot of people with the same problem.


    He said that he couldn't do anything to solve my problem since i was out of warranty and he was just a reseller so he could not repair it.

    He gave me a card of a friend that runs a shop and could help me. He said that its a problem in the wifi antena. That's what i heard from an apple reseller.


    I won't pay anything. I'll stay without wifi waiting for IOS7.

    In this meantime, i'll start looking for a new mobile.

  • fsyed Level 1 Level 1

    Hi All,


    I had similar issue connecting to wifi with my newly bought IPhone 4s. It was very frustrating to watch my other mobile which is a simple basic mobile of make Samsung is able to connect to wifi where as Iphone did not even bother about looking out for a wifi network unless iam standing by the router. I did all sorts of customizing mentioned here in this forum but in vain. I had it enough and went up to apple for a replacement.


    I have got my replacement piece yesterday and its catching wifi signals like lizards catching bugs.


    so the conclusion is if your phone is within warranty please do replace it for a new one as i suppose its an hardware issue that came up in a specific batch which Apple did not recall.




  • jmandrewcarter Level 1 Level 1

    Bought my iphone 1 year and 2 months ago. Tried everything and eventually the hairdryer. After the overheating warning went away it worked immediately and then stopped working as soon as it cooled. It does seem like it could be a bad batch of 4s phones combined with iOS 6 firmware. It could be a firmware bug related to signal timing which may have been modified for the iphone 5 or for some other fix or feature. They might not be able to fix it due to the variance in manufacturing between batches of phones combined with the fact that their releases/fixes are for all their product versions.

  • Rameshippili Level 1 Level 1

    It's ridiculous, what apple is doing till now...they are not bothering at all. Small basic model mobiles have no problem with WIFI.


    My Iphone 4s also have same issue with WIFI. it is grayed out or dim, i could not toggle the on/off button..

    i tried all the steps provided in apple support and i got internet...i got no result


    Now i am thinking to put it in dustbin and go for Galaxy...


    In advance,


    Bye bye bye .......Apple

  • Sergio Level 1 Level 1

    Not again, Apple!

    I have the very same situation!

    Few weeks ago my iPhone 4s start to suffer from well known problems with Wi-Fi:

    - sometimes i can't connect to the Wi-Fi for all day long

    - when I finally connect to the wi-fi after gazillion attempts, it works only few minutes and then disconnects!

    Why Apple does nothing to fix this issue?

    I think, they are very happy to falling profits and market capitalization. Serves them right.

    This is my last Apple phone. I'm going for Galaxy or HTX One.

    Bye Apple. You were a good company, once upon a time. But not now!

  • soonerdon Level 1 Level 1

    I may be the only IPhone 4s user that had success with a suggestion from Apple website but step # 2 was to remove phone from case. I did and all my problems with connectivity and dropped connections went away. Mu case was hard aluminum so I guess my problem was easier than others.

  • wingsetjim Level 1 Level 1

    I have just about beat this problem to death and haven't found a solution for a long time.  I have tried about everything suggested to no avail.  I have a Netgear router which probably has nothing to do with my problem, but when I installed it, I used the default SSID of NETGEAR. Elsewhere I have the identical router with a similar SSID.  I decided to rename the SSID on router I was having problems with to something completely different as I thought my iphone might be getting confused. 


    It seems to have worked.  My 4s now connects automatically, remembers the password and never drops the connection.  For Netgear routers, type in as an address in your web browser, then type in your username and password (default is 'admin' and 'password') and go to WIFI settings.  Change the SSID to something completely different (also for 5G if you have it) and click apply.


    If your problem is the same as mine, you should have smooth sailing!

  • Level 1 Level 1

    My 4S wifi just stopped working in all locations wifi.  I tried all methods available on Apple Community messages.  I heated the phone by the hair dryer and the later I restored through iTunes BUT I setup my restored iPhone as NEW PHONE with a different Apple ID then my old apple ID.  I created a new Apple ID before I restored the phone.  I did not put info back into my iPhone.  Contacts is all I need so after the phone worked I used my old Apple ID to download them back into my new working phone. 


    1. Restored phone (heat it first)

    2. Used new Apple ID for the setup process


    It is working for the last two great!!!!

  • ASPisklov Level 1 Level 1 - how are your wifi???

  • Level 1 Level 1

    My wifi is working great (hope did not jink myself)!


    I think restore the phone BUT when "setup" you must selected option "NEW PHONE".  Use a new Apple ID when you going through the process, do not back up your old info from computer which you might have backed up. 



    Software issue...not hardware!!!!

  • Level 1 Level 1

    I am tired, exhausted from trying any methods.  My wifi worked for a week but now it just followed Steve Jobs.

  • Ricardo621 Level 1 Level 1
    Anyone having problems with wireless on their iPhone, specifically, the wi-fi button appearing greyed out? I've just had this issue, but managed to sort it by turning Airplane mode on in settings, then turning the phone off and leaving for a few hours. When you turn it back on again, knock Airplane mode off, and the wi-fi selection button should be back to normal.
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