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  • jlg193 Level 1 (0 points)

    About a couple weeks or so after the last software update....all of a  sudden I couldn't enable wifi on my iphone 4s. I couldn't slide over to  on.  Also, battery power was draining significantly with very little  use.


    I  did a hard reset and everything seemed to be working fine for about a  week. Then all of a sudden, same issues occured.  Did multiple hard  resets and NOTHING!!!


    What the heck is going on?!

  • Nishdesai95 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey friend i had a similar problem i think you need to change your wifi router!

    Because mine also showed connected but no response then i changed it and all my devices are working fine now!

    Hope it helps

  • Another Mark in Melbourne Level 1 (0 points)


    I have had exactly the same problem with a 13 month old iPhone 4S - wireless just greyed-out.  I purchased it at Singapore Airport as my actual iPhone 4S had broken just before departure and I had not worked-out how best to get it fixed in time [after two LONG trips out to Chadstone subsequently the original was replaced]. The new one could not have 'Applecare' because it was an airport reseller.

    I've dicked around for a total of 5 hours reinstalling OS, trying to synchronise etc. - not only does the wireless still not work, I can't restore from my back-up from iCloud. Obviously its a hardware error that I the customer must pay to fix - not!

    The upshot is I have a quote from Apple for $260 to fix it, as if I'm not hanging-out for a route to escape Apple! They are mad! I only have two of the wretched devices due to the unreliability of the first unit. 

    My bet is that it can easiuly be fixed with a firmware uograde, but Apple prefers to support only the iPhone 5...

  • natalinati Level 1 (0 points)

    What did u do to enable wifi on iphone 4s??? i have the same problem i am not able to slide the wifi over to on!!!!!!!!!!! i have tried to reset the network setting, turned the airlplane mode into on and off but still did not work

  • Another Mark in Melbourne Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Natalinati,

    I still have not resolved the problem. I'm considering my option including moving away from Apple altogether. If I find an answer I will post!



  • Mattlowe1974 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yesterday my bluetooth button would not link up and then when i got home i had no wifi enabled, grey button wasn't available.  Did 4 software updates ( full ones ) no joy. Then while i was on the phone to vodafone discussing sending me another phone ( refurb). I did a partical update and before it started disconected lead from phone, somehow this has worked and now hey presto wifi - bluetooth all working again. I also did try the hair dryer last night, but with no joy. Hope that this helps anyone ...

  • aettobi Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same issue as everyone in this post.


    I can't believe Apple is not even acknowledging this issue.


    I bet ya Tim Cook doesn't even know about it. Or if he does doesn't give a ****.


    Aziz Ettobi

  • ames05 Level 1 (0 points)

    hi.. I am Amit from India.. I had same issues starting from february after ios 6.1.2  now i am running ios 6.1.3. Just wanted to know that does ios updates solves this issue of wifi not working properly or greyed out wifi?

    I have reset networks done restore of iphone.. but no result as such.


    Please Help..

  • ames05 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi .. I am amit from india. I have had the same issues after ios 6.1.2 in february & till now i have the same issue on my iphone 4s.. after updating to ios 6.1.3 its not resolved. Just wanted to know that software updates solved your problem or not..


    This is very annoying from apple. I have done restore of my iphone 5 times but no results. Now my wifi is working intermitently. That is sometimes wifi is greyed out, sometimes it is not catching the network.


    Please help.

  • Woolly-thinker Level 1 (0 points)

    Add me to "same happens to me". I had the iphone 4S for a few months before it started losing connection regularly. It might and might not reconnect. It got worse and regularly I couldn't even turn on wi-fi. Eventually I brought it back to be fixed under warranty and they couldn't fix it so I was given a replacement phone. However, 6 weeks down the line its happened to the new iphone 4S. Wi-fi is now greyed out for the last 2 days and I cannot even turn it on. I think there is some major problem with the phone. I also noticed from just yesterday that the battery drained to nothing very quickly. Have Apple made any comment on this?

  • aggelos05 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello to everyone,

    I own an iphone 4s ios6.1.3. I was facing the same issues with wifi. Did not stay connected to a network for too long or having trouble to connect or searching for wifi. I think I found the problem and a temporary solution.

    I ve noticed that when I was charging my phone I wasn't facing any wifi problem at all!!! I ve also read somewhere else that the new versions, ios6 and after, facing battery draining problems. I ve figured out that the battery supply is not enough for wifi too. So what I did was to reduce the power consumption of my iphone. I made a google search and found how to reduce energy consumption by deactivting Push notifications and Location Services. I am sure there are other ways too but with only these ways my wifi stays alive

    This is a temporary solution because first of all if you use several apps that use wifi you are facing the same problems and when you buy such a phone you expect-demand to be able to use every feature without having to manualy enable it.

    Obviously the problem is in ios6 version. We hope that Apple will solve these problems with ios7 version.

  • RCBASTOS Level 1 (0 points)

    My friend, sorry to say that but, no matter what you've just got into a one way road and soon you'll loose your wifi at all.


    In my house i have a brand new iphone 4s that i just don't use because of this wifi problem.I bought it in france but i moved to the USA last month so this phone got pretty much uselees. My actual phone is a pre paid samsung that i paid 10 dolars @ bbuy and i'm up to buy a brand new S4.

  • NiteWatchman Level 1 (0 points)

    So I noticed a few months ago that the wifi would just drop for no apparent reason. Then I noticed that I could not get my iPhone 4S iOS 6.1.3 to connect to my home wifi.  It would not even see any wifi available.  But not just my home wifi, but all wifi.  So I tried the NETWORK RESET to no avail.  I tried turning the wifi OFF and rebooting and then after the reboot the wifi was OFF and grayed out so that I could not turn it back on.  Reboots do nothing to fix it. 


    So I totally restored the iOS (wiped and reloaded).  With the fresh install of the OS and setting it up as like a new phone it goes through the steps of setting everything up.  When it gets to wifi it doesn't see my home wifi so I had to skip that step.  I was able to get the wifi to connect and I thought my troubles were over...NOT!  It didn't take long and it was back doing the same things it was before.  I AGAIN turned off wifi and rebooted to a greyed out wifi button. 


    I read on here that someone suggested turning ON airplane mode and shutting the phone down completely for several minutes.  That worked (sort of).  After turning the iPhone back on and turning OFF airplane mode, the wifi was not only no longer greyed out but was actually turned on and at least seeing my home network, but will not connect.  This leads me to believe that it is (like a previous post suggests) a power consumption issue.  The wifi antenna is not getting enough power?  So next I'm trying shutting it down for several minutes and powering up WITH POWER CONNECTED to see what that does. 


    Bottom line for me anyway, is this is NOT acceptable.  part of what I bought my first iPhone for was the wifi connection.  Now if that is not going to work I have no choice but get a new phone. iPhone 5? or android?  I'm starting to lean toward going back to Android. 

  • Another Mark in Melbourne Level 1 (0 points)

    Today I visited Apple's megastore in Barcelona.  I'm travelling so much that I have had real difficulty being in one place long enough to tackle the issue that has affected us all = my 'wifi grey-out' occurred one month after the one year guarantee period expired. 

    In Melbourne Australia an Apple reseller told me that this is a problem that Apple recognises internally, but the 'business plan' is to get us all to boost the iPhone 5 sales by abandoning our relatively recent defective purchases. 

    Today I wasted 30 mins at the 'genius' store while not one but two tontos explained to me (in all seriousness) that it was my fault for not taking out additional insurance - I explained that I had purchased mine in a reseller at Singapore Airport, and they did not offer Applecare.

    Upshot: a family member has demonstrated to me that all the things that I hold to be precious with Apple products are perfectly feasible with Android. When I pointed this out to the chief tonto in Barcelona his response was 'go buy an android', so I shall.  Let's hope it was good advice!

    I've tried all the suggestions posted here to no avail alas.

  • Simon in North Yorkshire Level 1 (0 points)

    I think we need to put pressure on Apple now...... I made an appointment in store and went right out of my way to do this. I was in store for 20 minutes and got no where. While I was waiting for a firmware download, three other people came in and sat near me with the same problem. No wifi and just out of warranty. As I left, I saw sat opposite me a store manager out of uniform who had been listening to my conversation with the other people. He nodded at the assistant who told me he could sell me a new handset for £129. His alternative to that was taking it back to Vodafone who supplied it to me and use my consumer rights!!! He also gave me a booklet with this explained to me. This forum appears to be going nowhere after reading the previous posts.... What next? I'm starting proceedings with Trading Standards in the UK. We have five Apple products in our household, what happens if the £1700 Mac book pro dies out of warranty....... Trading Standards anyone?

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