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    Nope! Didn't work!


    Followed your instruction to the letter and nothing!


    Any other bright ideas?

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    Hello everyone.
    This is my first post on the Apple support forum
    My case is quite similar to your own with this with my iphone does not detect any wifi network.
    I can turn on and off bluetooth works without wifi card is working because I have a mac address.

    My case is exactly the same as here

    Unfortunately, as in many cases, my phone is no longer under warranty and the repairs (replacing the working device) by the Apple warranty.

    But I write what I discovered today.
    I searched the web looking for the cause, my phone was heated dryer was in the fridge, reboot it 50 or more times, updating of software, I set up a separate account in iTunes, not to mention how many times been deleted the network settings
    unfortunately did not help
    Yesterday I installed the system iOS7 and at one point there was for a moment the range of my home wifi network, so I was convinced of the iPhone software (I was even convinced of this some kind of conspiracy of the apple that a system has been programmed so that no longer work after given time - as it is in HP).

    to me today come to the iPhone tools - screwdrivers and stuff.
    I opened the phone
    it was discovered that the wifi antenna connector is messed up (I emphasize the never opened the phone - the service I received from the Apple), and therefore do not have wifi coverage
    Maybe in many cases, your problem with the wifi is still the same.

    Today i'm ordered
    connector form online store at 8 (Polish currency = approx 2.5 $)
    tomorrow my good friend will replace the connector

    I write to you if you wants after replacing what is the effect - so keep your fingers crossed for the success of the operation: D

    Exactly like this

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    I too have an iPhone 4S which lost it's WiFi about 6 weeks ago, and I tried everything to get it back, short of exchanging the phone itself. I was hoping the upgrade to iOS7 would solve the problem but it didn't.


    Tonight I read a post which suggested that using the inbuilt LED for an extended period might help. How this could possibly work I have no idea, but I'd tried everything else so I gave it a shot and to my utter amazement my WiFi is back working again!


    This is what I did;


    I have an appcalled "Light" which simply turns the camera LED on so it can be used like a flashlight. I switched the LED on and left it on continuosly for about 10 minutes.


    At the end of 10 minutes I went into my settings and checked the WiFi option, which had been greyed out, and lo and behold the option to turn WiFi on was now available. I switched WiFi on and my phone immediately picked up my home network, something it has not been able to do for weeks.


    It has now been about 2 hours since my WiFi came back on, and it's still working. Up until now I was only able to get WiFi back for about 10 minutes max.


    While it's still early days, I'm very excited and hopeful that this solution may have overcome the issue, at least in my phone.


    I will post again to advise the status of my phone after 24 hours. If this has solved the problem, it proves conclusively that the WiFi issue is NOT hardware related, but some kind of software glitch, possibly caused by the previous iOS version.


    Best of luck!

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    Hi again,


    After 4 hours my iPhone 4S has again lost WiFi. So it appears that this method is only a temporary means of restoring WiFi functionality.


    FYI. My phone is a 64Gb iPhone 4S currently running iOS 7.


    Needless to say I'm extremely disappointed that my phone is not working correctly, but mostly that Apple Corporation seems to have adopted a total wall of silence around what is obviously a widespread issue, leaving many customers out in the cold.


    I have two iPads, two iPhones (4, 4S), an iPod Touch and a 27" iMac. I now intend to replace my iPhone with an Android device. Extremely poor way to treat your loyal customers Apple!

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    Hello again.
    My iphone 4s today returned from replacements wifi antenna connector
    WiFi connectivity works flawlessly.
    at the end of my distress disappeared.

    Best regards

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    has failed that such a small part


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    Raydiodaze, If turning on your camera flash led resolves the issue temporarily, this does not conclusively prove the issue to be software. The complete opposite actually. The led will cause a temperature change after being on for a while. Apparently the wifi adapter is very close to the Led inside the phone.


    All the random solutions point to a hardware problem with the wifi adapter in the phone. People solving it with hair dryers, freezers, running the led for long periods (heat) all point to hardware.


    Temp changes mean the hardware is expanding/contracting and that ends up providing a fix, sometimes only temporary.

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    Tell me, your problem with wifi is that with your active wifi and does not search any wifi network, as it was for me, or the switch wifi network is grayed out

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    Yes, in retrospect I agree with you, the fact that temperature (cold/hot) affects the WiFi functionality suggests component failure. It does seem odd however that many forum users report failure after updating there iOS to 6.1.3. Regardless, I am now left to send my phone in for repair/replacement, which unfortunately means no phone for up to 2 weeks where I live.


    If the problem is hardware related as you rightly suggest, then it is a widespread problem judging by the worldwide postings. In this case Apple should have identified the faulty batches and issued a recall for affected owners. To do less is extremely poor service, and to me at least, reason enough to switch to an alternative non-apple device. Customers are hard to win at the best of times, and treat those customers in such a manner is foolish at best.


    Thanks for your reply to my posting.

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    Correct, most of the time my WiFi option is greyed out. When I have been able to get the option to come back up, it mostly wil not see ANY network, or it might see my home network but not connect. As I stated in m y previous post, I did get connectivity by heating the unit using the inbuilt LED for 10 or so minutes, but the fix was temporary.



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    My iphone 4S can use WIFI after take hairdryer(hot) go to top iphone 5-10 min.

    I hope that can help you.

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    What is with the bluetooth? it's work??

    it's the same modula as wifi.

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    No - My bluetooth has been fine. It now seems very clear to me that this is a hardware issue, notwithstanding that many users have experienced the problem shortly after upgrading the iOS. My best guess would be a failing component such as the WiFi chip or as previously suggested, the internal antenna connector. The problem appears to be pretty widespread, which suggests a bad batch of whatever component is the root cause.


    The end result of all this is that I've had to return my phone for repair, which means I'm without my smartphone for up to 10 working days.


    To say that I'm extremely annoyed at Apple would be a huge understatement. There is no doubt whatsoever that Apple are very well aware of this issue, it's cause, and how to remedy it. They are clearly not addressing the issue, which one can only assume is a corporate decision to save money. I for one will be purchasing an Android device for my next phone.

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    But my bluetooth stopped working. After I updated from ios 6.1.3 to 7.0 not only my wifi stopped working at all (at 6.1.3 it was working and after a while dropping. However I had time to check my emails and facebook) the bluetooth switch shows spinning trying to activate itself but with no success. I am wondering what next. ios 7.1  will probably deactivate my 3g too.....

    Please APPLE. Give us a chance. At least Let as downgrade to ios 6.0 when our phones used to work flawlessly

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    I really don't think a downgrade to iOS 6 would help.


    Not targeting Aggles here but just in general:

    To be honest, given the beating phones take, drops, being left in direct sunlight, jammed into a sweaty pocket, etc..  I really cant blame apple for some hardware issues. Sure people that lose wifi access are numerous, but there are a bajillion iPhones out there working just fine.  I'm sure the odd case is out there of genuine hardware failure for no good reason. Can you honestly claim that is you?


    Imagine if you saw a slideshow of all the abuse you have put your iphone through.


    Let he who hath not dropped his phone cast the first stone.