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My 5 year old daughter was fortunate enough to win a iPod Touch 4 in a school raffle.  I have currently setup the device and tied it to my Apple ID so I can easily load the apps I have previously purchased (for her to play with on my devices) and so I can control her settings, access, etc..  The problem arises when I try to message or connect via Facetime to her device.  Essentially I am trying to connect to myself and sometimes my iPhone connects back to itself, to my iPad, or her device.  I would love to connect to her directly and could establish an Apple ID for her and that device but then I lose access to the Apps that I specifically purchased for her for use on other devices.  Does anyone have suggestions on setting up devices in the same household so that they all have access to the same purchased content but still have unique IDs for wifi messaging and Facetime?


Also any advice on controlling content, tracking, and access related to a young child using this device.  I have enabled all the content filters and set them to the appropriate levels but any additional tips would be welcome.

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    you can use two Apple-IDs :


    one apple-ID for the kid, so for Facetime,Mail etc.


    To keep your purchased Apps,Music,iBooks available on the new iPod simply enter in the appstore.app and itunes.app, ibooks .app the apple-id you have used to purchase stuff.


    Same goes for the icloud feature : the ID used for that can be a different then for the purchases.

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    Sjazbec -- Thanks!  I got it now.  I thought all the apps were pulling the Apple ID from the App Store login.  I'll create a separate ID for use by Facetime, Messaging, and iCloud and we'll be good to go.



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    Yes that will work.



    You might have a look also into the "Restriction" section for iOS Settings. There are options to turn off content not suitable for Children.


    Enjoy :-)