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My brand new iPhone 4s came with a small usb charger.  When I plug it in, the iPhone doesn't seem to charge.  (The green battery graphic doesn't display).  But when I plug the new iPhone 4s into my iPad charger using the same wire, it charges.  I'm planning to return it to the Apple store for an exchange.  Anyone else experiencing a failed white wall wart on a new iPhone?

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    I found a solution to fix my own charger issue.  The charger that came with the iPhone 4s was failing to charge the iPhone.  But other charging methods were working.  My iPad charger worked to charge my iPhone.  A USB iPhone wire connected to my MacBook Pro also was able to charge the iPhone.  But the low current, small wall wart consistently failed to light up a green charging image or bleep when plugged in.


    The fix:  Do a hard reset by holding the power button and the Home button until the iPhone does a hard reboot.  After that, the small wall wart now works as I expect.  There must be some intelligent power sensing logic in the iPhone that was out of calibration.  I'm guessing that of all my power supplies, only the lowest current iPhone wall wart was below the mis-calibrated baseline current threshold.  Resetting seems to have reset that minimum threshold.

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    For some isses you will just have to hard reset the device. http://www.itjungles.com/iphone-tips/iphone-4s-hard-reset

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    Update: While the hard reset did temporarily resolve my charging problem, the problem resurfaced again.  The original charging cube again failed to charge my new iPhone 4s, and subsequent hard-resets would not fix the problem.  So I replaced the flakey charger at the Apple store.  While at the store, I explained that the charger failed intermittantly.  The Genius Bar guy tested it and it worked fir him. But he understood my explaination and graciously replaced the charger.  Since then, I have had no problems.  So my assessment is that I had an imperfect charger to start with.  My problem has now been fixed by replacing the charger..