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I run a small business, using a laptop PC. Unfortunately it is impractical for me to change this for a Mac. Currently my phone is a BlackBerry and I synchronise between this and Outlook 2010 on the PC using the BlackBerry Desktop software provided. The applications (in Outlook) covered are the calendar, contacts, notes and tasks.


I've been offered an iPhone 4S and wonder whether I can sync this with the laptop in the same way. In particular, will the new Reminders app on the iPhone be able to create tasks that can be synchronised into Outlook, and can it also edit tasks originated within the PC?


If there's anyone on here who uses Outlook 2010 on a PC and previously had a BlackBerry which they synchronised with their PC and has successfully made the transition to an iPhone who can reassure me that it will work OK, I would appreciate it. My life is organised in the four areas described above (calendar, contacts, notes, tasks) and being able to sync seemlessly between PC and smartphone is essential to me. As someone who uses an iMac for pleasure, being able to replace a corporate brick with an Apple product in an area of my work life would be welcomed - but only if it really works!

iMac i7 27in, Mac OS X (10.6.4)