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It looks like Apple forgot about adding Voice Memos to iCloud backup. There is no option under Settings > iCloud to backup the Voice Memos. I believe there are other apps like Voice Recorder HD that will support iCloud backup but its native Voice Memos app won't do the same.


Is there anything I can do to make iCloud backup the Voice Memos also? I would appreciate anyone's feedback.



iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    Hiya...I got sample problem. It is so disappointed cox voice memo almost my important data on my iphone.

    Are there anyone could help us!!

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    Same problem here. Contacts I can get back, going back in time are recording an invaluable lecture...not going to happen any time soon.

    So far, Icloud had been more of problem than anything else. I am wiating for the moment when I appreciate being forced to sign up for it when I updated my phone.

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    Such a dissapointment. I hope they address this soon. The main reason I wanted icloud was to back up my voice memos. I have to use a 3rd party app for something my native app should handle easily. Someone's asleep at the wheel and in need of coffee asap. Wake up Apple.

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    That's a wee bit overdramatic to say over one problem when iOS 5 + iCloud has so many great features that work flawlessly…


    I'm interested in a solution to the Voice Memo iTunes syncing/iCloud Backing Up also.

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    It's a big deal because it implies they've not tied up the loose ends.

    Bit like when you look round a house and notice the contractors haven't finished some minor paintwork.

    Makes you wonder what else they've not tackled under the surface.


    I suspect the size of Voice Memo files was the issue, but they could have been more clear about it.

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    The whole voice memo thing is a disgrace. It is not easy to back them uop in iTuines either - just lost two important ones trying to synch to a new computer. DO NOT use iTunes to back these up - find another way. You would think Apple had the smarts to employ a simple drag and drop feature for itunes and the voice memos. Disappointed!

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    I solved the issue!  I was having the same problem of not being able to sync my voice memos to iCloud but I just found a way to do it.  Apparently, the voice memos don't sync because they are at a low bitrate (mine was 64 kbps) and iCloud won't save songs or voice memos at that low of a rate. 

    Here's how I did it:

    1.  First, I emailed the voice memos to myself as an mp4 to get them off of my iPhone and I saved them to a file in my music folder.

    2.  Next, I downloaded a free program on CNET called "Free MP4a to MP3 Converter 7.1). 

    3.  I then selected and converted each voice memo to an mp3 WITH A BITRATE OF 256 (the higher bitrate is the key).

    4.  Lastly, I uploaded the new mp3 file to iTunes and iMatch synced it to iCloud

    It's a long process but if you want the voice memos synced to iCloud bad enough, this way works for me.  I haven't seen anyone post a solution for this problem so I will try to post this on several different places.  Hope it works for you!

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    If you're going to go the long route, just go with iTunes' right-click "Create AAC version" feature to convert to (virtual) higher bitrate files.    

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    That appears to work, too, and is much shorter.  So, if you email the voice memo file to yourself and upload it to iTunes.  You can right click on the m4a file and choose "create AAC version" which saves a higher kbps version (mine was 128 kbps).  The m4a file won't be backed up by iCloud but the AAC version will (can delete the m4a file). 


    At least we've found a solution that works!  Now, all of my voice memos are accessible in the iCloud.

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    I'm happy to hear that people have found a work around via e-mailing the memos, but unfortunately my clips are too long to e-mail. I guess I could clip them which is going to take forever!!! Ugh--I wish I could just send them to my dropbox!

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    It it so so so bloody annoying