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    @ktasapple - this doesn't work for me...


    Pressing "Use you Apple ID for iMessage" brings up a screen showing my (wrong) apple id and a password box, but then another box floats over top of that screen immedaitely prompting for a password only for the (wrong) apple id (apple id is not editable).


    There's no where to sign out of imessage > I think Apple is taking this "Infinite Loop" thing a little too far.




    Thank you to whomever suggested turning off iMessage (and Facetime) in Settings, then powering down.  Upon powering back up and enabling iMessage I was able to fix my wrong Apple id.  (same for Facetime)


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    It won't let you sign out.  It pops up with a window asking you to enter the password for the incorrect userid.

  • robutano Level 1 (0 points)

    The send & receive choice requires iMessage to be activated - in our case, the Apple ID is an old ID that doesn't exist, so cannot activate iMessage.  Is there any other path change the Apple ID?

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