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steve4218 Level 1 Level 1

can anyone help please i cant delete the pictures stored on my ipad

iPad 2, iOS 5
  • Fred*M. Level 4 Level 4



    Pictures on the iPad can only be deleted at the source.


    If you downloaded them to the iPad from E-Mail, a website or a camera, you should be able to click on the right-turn arrow at the top of the screen, select unwanted photos and delete them.


    If the pictures were synced from your computer, you must remove them from there and re-sync.



  • duncanfromflagstaff Level 1 Level 1

    I hope this thread is moderated. Being unable to delete photos on the Ipad2 which were synced from iTunes is really disappointing. Apple prides itselft on ease of use yet the lack of a delete button is super restictive. I should be able to sync photos to my iPad, delete some, then sync those changes back to the photo library on my mac. That is ease of use. Both devices should communicate edits easily and I can't see how to do it.


    Any help would be appreciated. Are there 3rd party apps to solve this problem?

  • Skydiver119 Level 7 Level 7

    If you have suggestions for Apple, I'd use the feedback form. THey don't read posts here. It's just a user-user help forum. We have no more control than you do.


    If there is a third party photo library app, you'll need to sync your photos via that, not the photos folder. I doubt Apple will allow a third party to have access to their propriatary folders.