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Mid on 2010 imac 27 "

Processor: 2,93 GHz intel core i7

GPU: ATI Radeon HD 5750

Memory(Report): 4 Go 1333 MHz


For 1 month, my imac presents signs of weakness at the level of the display(posting).

In normal functioning, everything takes place well.

When I launch one games under mac os X or bootcamp, the display cuts itself a little time after the launch of the game (playing up to 5 - 10 mn) according to the temperature of components and a black screen appears. If the display stopped, the activity of the system continues to work...


As it is delicate to pilot his mac without image, I reboote.

I have to wait that the imac cools to obtain again a display.


At first, I thought of drivers problem of the GPU but given that I had no image when I reboot the machine he certainly has to involve a material problem (but which?). I think that he owes involves a problem of cooling of the GPU but I am not sure of it.


If you had the same problem (and solved), contact me :


Thanks a lot.


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iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I downloaded SMC Fan control (it's free) and you can regulate the temperature.

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    I have asked the hosts to remove your email address - for your own safety, you should never post that in a public forum.


    Can you check Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities) and post a screenshot of your memory usage a the bottom - and,  make note of the memory usage while you have your game open (what game is it?). Lion likes lots of memory and you only have 4 GB, so that can possibly be a problem depending on the game and other things you are using.