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All my birthdays on ical on my mac have the correct listing and also are listed correctly in the address book. I also have subscribed to a holiday calendar that shows on my mac ical, however, when I sync with my iphone 4S, all the birthdays show up one day earlier than they are supposed to and my holiday calendar doesn't show up at all. Help?

iPhone 4, iOS 5
  • kdhall11 Level 1 (0 points)

    I should also add that I tried deleting both of those subscriptions, syncing, and then adding them again and syncing again and I still get the same results.

  • Kurplunk Level 2 (195 points)

    I am not sure why they  are a day off.

    But as far as not seeing the subscribed holiday calendar on the iphone... did you save the subscription as an iCloud calendar or as an iCal calendar?

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    I subscribed to it on the imac. When I did this it doesn't give the option as to how to subscribe to it. So currently the subscription is in my ical but I have my ical and address books syncing over icloud.

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    I just tried it.

    When I clicked on subscribe, it gave me a popup where I can rename it etc. and in that window I can choose to set it as an icloud or an ical calendar.

    If yours is set as an ical calendar, it will not be included in icloud synchronization.


    Try deleting that calendar.

    Then subscribe to it again and follow the steps I just mentioned.



    Don't delete it, just change its settings to iCloud. It's easier that way.

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    I deleted the subscriptions. When I go to subscibe to the holiday calendar I get a pop up that will allow me to rename it, then a box for "description," then a box that says "subscibed to" with this link in it: webcal://


    And underneath that, it says "remove" with the following options: alarms, attachment, to-do items. Then under that it says "last updated" and gives a time and under that it says "auto refresh" and lists a bunch of time options under that. There is no option for ical vs icloud. Thoughts?

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    What exactly is the link you are subscribing too? Of course, share that link here only if it's nothing personal.


    An example of what I see is this:

    Screen Shot 2011-10-20 at 9.58.57 PM.png

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    here's what i see:

    Picture 3.png

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    Now just a silly but very important question. You did update OS X for Lion to support iCloud, right? So in your system preferences you see a section for iCloud? If you have not done that, then there is your problem.

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    Ah!!! I'm so glad you asked that because that is exactly what I need to do and would have never remembered to do it. I am going to update now and hope these issues resolve! Thanks!!

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    I'm having a similar problem. All my calendars synced okay, including US Holidays. However... all events are displaying the day before they occur. They display on the correct date on my Mac. I've come across a couple other threads with the same issue. Must be a bug in the iOS5 calendar sync?

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    @kdhall11: Lol - yeah, that'll do it. I'm sure that part will work once you're up and running with the update.


    @LindaJean: Yeah must be a bug. I have one subscription and it appears fine on iCal and on my iPhone. I'll see if I find out any info about it.




    Yeah, apparently this problem goes back to iOS 3 (or earlier). Strange bug. Sometimes it seems to be related to the country and time-zone settings on the iPhone vs. the computer etc., but that's not always the case. Luckily, mine work fine.


    I can recommend an app that I use to remind me of birthdays. It's called Occassions

    It will also check your Facebook friends' birthdays and remind you of that (which is nice too).


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    Thanks, Kurplunk, but I don't WANT to use another App for birthday reminders! I have the birthdays in Address Book and don't need or want to duplicate them elsewhere. I shouldn't have to!


    Besides birthdays, I use my Calendar to remind me of dates that bills are due so I don't miss paying them on time. I do have most set to remind me a week early, so the calendar being off 1 day isn't critical there, but it's annoying to call someone to wish them a Happy Birthday or Anniversary and be told it's not until the next day.


    Or to show up for an appointment a day early, especially if the appointment is in another city! Better than a day late, I suppose, but it shouldn't be an issue.


    I've filed a Technical Support request for call back, but the earliest available is not until the 27th. Hopefully, by then I will have found a solution or the problem will have resolved itself. *sigh*

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    Okay, did some comparing and it appears only ALL DAY events are displaying on the wrong day. Anything I have set with a specific time shows up on the correct day. Found a reference on the Internet that explains this.


    Apparently, according to that source, the computer considers a day to START at 12:00 am, so an all day event displays on the computer on the correct day which begins at midnight. But the iPhone considers a day to END at 12:00 am so all day events are posted BEFORE midnight of the correct day, which is the wrong day.


    What I don't understand is WHY Apple has the iPhone using different criteria than their computers? This "bug" apparently goes back to the original iPhone iOS. Why haven't they reprogrammed it by now?


    I have an appointment with Apple for next week to have someone call me and I will discuss it with them. Hopefully, they'll have an answer for me on how to fix my events to display correctly. If not, I guess I'll have to change all day events to begin and end at specific times. Which means deleting birthdays from the Address Book and creating calendar entries for each one. What a nuisance that will be!


    ETA: AND I won't be able to rely on the US Holidays calendar. *sigh*

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    @LindaJean did you get a solution to this problem. I still need my birthdays to display on the correct date!

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