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  • Jon Hoffman Level 1 (5 points)

    This "feature", aside from being a security concern (sending each individual person in a group the contact info for every other person in the group), this also creates a MAJOR annoyance for recipients of these messages even on NON-iOS devices, including potentially increased service fees.


    If an iOS user sends a group message, and isn't careful (I'm not sure yet what causes this), it will get sent as a picture message, NOT just a text message.  This can occur even when the message contains only text.


    Then, if any of the recipients also has iOS, and they reply to the message, it will send a PICTURE MESSAGE reply to EVERYONE the original message was sent to.  This means an unnecessarily large number of picture messages are being sent, unintentionally, to a large number of people.  Picture messages are still treated differently than text messages (especially for overage fee calculations) on many mobile phone services providers' plans.


    Even if it were just text messages, this is still a bad default behavior since many users do not have unlimited texting plans.  If your contacts don't have iOS devices, or they don't send group messages, then this issue won't affect you.  I think the interaction of these two items is all that is preventing this from being a "Major" issue in the eyes of Apple.


    It really needs to be changed/fixed.  I shouldn't be punished for having friends with iOS devices and for not having a smartphone with unlimited texting, but currently this is somewhat the case.  Receiving picture messages on my phone is fine when they are infrequent, however when I get ten of them at once, and ZERO of them were meant for me, it is extremely annoying, and in my opinion, it is a MAJOR issue.


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  • iamdelo Level 1 (0 points)

    We need to use this forum to voice our concern about the mass reply to group messages. We need to talk to Apple store employees to have them inform Apple and others. If enough of us complain and request it be fixed it will get done eventually.

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 (48,875 points)

    iamdelo wrote:


    We need to use this forum to voice our concern about the mass reply to group messages. 

    No, this is not the appropriate venue. This is a user-to-user tech support forum. The correct place to let Apple know how you feel about this is the Feedback page:


  • MiamiRaceBiker Level 1 (0 points)

    I have group messaging tuned off AND mms turned off. I learned the hard way that turning this feature off is useless. EVERYONE sees who I sent the text / pic too and everyone gets a text when everyone responds to my original text. Now I just take the extra time to text / send each pic individually. Super annoying. PLEASE FIX APPLE!!

  • Hollywood Vocal Coach Level 1 (0 points)

    I spoke with some tech people regarding this issue and they said that MMS is an across the board problem that other manufacturers are also experiencing not just the Iphone. When sending a picture, it must be sent MMS. When you have more than one person on it, this MMS acts like an email or chat room where everyone can see and when replying, the setting automatically defaults to a reply all mode. That's why for some of these replies you se an RE: or a subject.


    This Christmas when I send out multpile texts, I'll be sure to have MMS and group messaging off as well as iMessage. That is supposed to do the trick as long as what's being sent isn't considered an MMS.


    iMessage acts the same way. I was told by Apple support that multiple recipients on a broadcast iMessage is like opening up your own chat room...just like MMS.


    I hope they get a fix soon too.

  • shawnfrompotomac Level 1 (0 points)

    I also am having this exact same issue and i am on verizon, it is very frustratingto get all of these unneeded texts from people that your reciepents are getting for people that i texted not them..please apple fix this bug Imessage stinks!!!

  • david fromaustin Level 1 (0 points)

    Agreed. This has got to be causing people all over the world significant embarrassment in addition to the unwanted messages from the contacts of contacts. I personally much preferred when multiple recipients could NOT see that they were part of a group message. At least add a bcc line for multiple recipient sms. Not to mention that the new battery management is a joke... Please update IOs 5 with a patch ASAP.

  • Dr Boo Level 1 (0 points)

    If Apple does not want to respond or address the issue, perhaps the appropriate venue would be in the Apple stores in front of their new customers.

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    I have had my phone for a year, and updated to IOS5 immediately, now suddenly I have this issue, I don't have group messaging as I am in UK.  APPLE PLEASE RESOLVE THIS IT'S EMBARASSING!!!    

  • brenavich Level 1 (0 points)

    I sent a feedback message to them but I don't think they'll be getting back to me anytime soon. I've even had problems sending a group message earlier in the day, then sending one of the individuals a single text on a different conversation (thread...whatever Apple calls it) and that message went to the people in the group message sent earlier anyways! What is going on? I would think that this a major privacy issue that would garner a little more attention. Group messaging is a basic feature of featurless phones for crying out loud!

  • JimmyBX Level 1 (0 points)

    I am on Verizon's network using iOS5 4GS. I send out bulk text messages to groups of 20, 50 and 956 people. I use Contacts XL 3 version 1.0 to send out my mass text messages with everything, including iMessage in messages setting, off except MMS messaging. Noticed the problem last week. It's abominable how BLACKBERRY can do something basic like group texting without the unfortunate disaster we iPhone users are going through at the moment. It's bad enough we must download an app for mass text messages to function, but even worse when the phone stops functioning at it's most basic level of application. I guess for someone who wants to play a million different games, this phone is great. For the common Joe who has more than 10 friends, this phone doesn't function as an effective communication tool. This just goes to prove there truly isn't a perfect cell phone on the market.

  • JimmyBX Level 1 (0 points)

    That is misinformation. Messages are NOT being sent and its because iOS5 and/or the network is buggy. This has NOTHING to do with the carrier (Verizon is mine).

  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,395 points)



    If a message is not successfully sent, there is an indication the message was not sent. 

  • Matt Jones5 Level 1 (5 points)

    I'm also having this issue. As a coach for several teams throught the year, i use this to communcate updates and cancelations of games and practices to parents and players. Please fix this.

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 (48,875 points)

    Matt Jones5 wrote:


    I'm also having this issue. As a coach for several teams throught the year, i use this to communcate updates and cancelations of games and practices to parents and players. Please fix this.

    As has been noted, no one here can fix anything for you. Submit your feedback directly to Apple:



    The more people who submit feedback, the more likely Apple is to make a change. In the interim, you may want to look at one of the dedicated group messaging programs like GroupMe. It's a cross platform app and works quite well for group messaging.