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    Come on apple... This is ridiculous. It has made a hot mess of group texts. At least give us an option to see who is in the group text and have the ability to reply all or to the original sender. Currently I get random replies and have no idea which text people are referring to or I get texts from people I don't know with their phone number listed. The bug has also gone as far as sharing private information someone unknowingly shared with a group several times. This is beyond bad coding it is borderline violating several legal privacy laws. Fix it ASAP please! (not a carrier issue- new 5 update)

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 Level 9

    You're not talking to Apple here. Use the Feedback page:


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    I have the same issue, and prior to getting my iPhone, I was highly annoyed with all of the reply-all responses I got from iPhone users.  PLEASE fix this, Apple.  C'mon, who thought this was a good feature to begin with??

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 Level 9

    smgudz wrote:


    PLEASE fix this, Apple.

    Sigh. You're not talking to Apple here so your requests will likely do litle good. Use the feedback link provided above if you want Apple to know how you feel.

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    When you only want to reply or forward to only one person, TURN OFF GROUP MESSAGING IN SETTINGS THEN TURN IT BACK ON AFTER YOU REPLY OR FORWARD THE MESSAGE.

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    This is not really an option in the real word.

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    I just came over from Metropcs.  Even THAT po-dunk company has a GREAT texting software!  I researched who they use.  It is textPlus.  BUT!!  Apparently Metropcs provided information to make it work, unknown to me.  I tried to download it on iphone 5 and it is really complicated...wanting a separate login name...and account number...


    I will go facebook and write to Apple as well!  It's ridiculous they can't fix this!

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    Has there been anything resolved on this?  I am still having this problem, wondering if there is a solution.

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    I have about had it with Apple.  We have been loyal since the beginning, having every version of everything.  Yet when we have issues with iTunes the Apple store tells you to buy a Mac.  To get support during the warranty period you can't call them directly.    To get help at the store you have to get an appointment.


    I had no idea when I sent a group iMessage that folks without an iPhone would not get the message.   I have turned this off.  When my contract is up I think I am going to get a Samsung.   The folks at Apple seem smug and are not responsive to issues like this one.    I have had access to a "car phone" from the beginning.  My grandfather had a motorola radio phone in the early 70's, case/bag phone in the 80's, hard wired car phones, portible phone that cost $1 per minute and the battery would get so hot it could burn you. Everything else has evolved.  They may have started the rage, but they are not finising well. Ford made the first car available to the masses, but they are no longer the leader.  I am afraid Apple is losing its edge too.


    Not everyone has an Apple and these folks don't want to play with android, so they make thier products incompatible.  Texting has been around a lot longer than smart phones.   You would think Apple would troll these boards and respond.


    I dont need an Apple product to look cool or have a brand.  I need a smartphone to send out my group lunch messages and get my crew to show up.  Simple when you think about it.   Made in China, designed in California, but completely misses the point.


    Cheers, and happy texting.

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    Be sure to purchase anti-virus for the insecure mobile OS you are getting ready to switch to since you will need it.


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    Always offering a solution, still cant use iMessage.  interesting.

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    I send group messages that include people with and without iPhones and they all receive them.


    Under Settings > Messages do you have Send as SMS, MMS Messaging and Group Messaging all turned on? And do you have cell data on?

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    Yes all of those settings are turned on.  All users get the text except Galaxy 4 phone owners.


    I just turned off iMessage and now it works.