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Both iPhone 3GS and 4 paired fine.  The new 4s phone is not discovering the vehicle/system.  Called dealer and followed pairing sequence to the letter.  Any additional settings on the phone?  Any chance Apple changed their BT and it is not backwards compatible with all the BT devices out there?

iPhone 4, iOS 5, Bluetooth pairing failure
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    iPhone 4 with iOS 5 has the same issue with my vehicle.  Worked with its 4.x.

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    I have a a 2009 VW GTI and I have noticed that (regardless of what the instructions say) you have to go to the bluetooth screen in the settings on the iPhone 4s, then stay at that screen while you search for and pair the phone via the controls on the car steering wheel through the DIS options. That seems to be the only way to pair the phone. 

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    I recently updated both my wife's and my iPhones to 5.1.  Neither phone will now pair with our 2011 camry hybrid.  They both worked fine previously on OS 4.    Any ideas?

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    Just discouvered how to pair.  

    1.  Go into Settings on your iphone.

    2.  Go to General.

    3.  Go to Bluetooth.

    4.  On the car go to the select phone.

    5.  The car system will search and find the phone.  A 4 digit area will show up on your iphone.

    6.  Put in your unique bluetooth/phone pin.  This is used when you first set up the phone on your

    car.  If you can't remember, just go back to the car's orginal pairing mode and it will give it to you.

    7.  Once you enter your pin, press "pair" and voila!  It works for me for both iphones.


    I've also turned off the car and restarted and the car automatically recognizes the iphone.


    Hope this helps some people.