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how can i put a ringtone from itunes on to my iphone 4s?

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    Ok i hope this helps. This is the way i learnt so i apologise if there is an easier way. Though i have iphone 4, it should be the same process for all iphones


    If the you want to set a ringtone from a choice of a mp3 song then you have to do the process of converting a regular mp3 to a AAC through itunes. I can explain the whole process if you dont know how to do it. Please remember that im using windows so i dont know how to do this on a mac.


    Ok 1st you need to do a few things before you start so i will explain as clear as i can.


    1. You need to be able to show file extentions so you can change the file type later.

    so go into Control panel, and highlight folder options.

    Then under the *VIEW* tab scroll down until you see a ticked box called *Hide extentions for known file types* and untick the box and then click apply.


    2. Ok to make your ringtone in itunes,    drag a mp3 into itunes and then right click on the mp3 to bring up the details of the file. Next click on options tab and where it shows *Start time* and *Stop time*. Put a tick in both of these boxes and click *OK* unless you want a specific section of a song to use then you will need to adjust the start and finish times manually.


    3. Next right click again on the same file and this time click on where it says *Create AAC Version*

    Itunes will then create a new AAC version of your song which will show up in tunes under the previous file titles unknown artist. you can delete these 2 later.


    4. Ok now you will have to find where itunes saved the AAC file.

    mine was stored in *MY MUSIC* -->   *ITUNES*-->   *ITUNES MEDIA*-->   *MUSIC*-->   *COMPILATIONS*


    5. Once you locate the file. you will then need right click on the file and rename the extention from

    .M4A  to .M4R and save.


    6. Next just re-drag this new song into your iphone in itunes and your set to go! Just go to sound settings in iphone and it will be in the Sounds--> Ringtones.


    **Please be sure if you havent already, *Tick* the Manually manage music and videos box under the summary tab of your iphone in itunes, otherwise you will not be able to transfer songs into your iphone without itunes needing to remove all songs* just make sure you backup your songs in that case before proceeding*


    I joined up just to reply to your post. so this is my 1st ever post on here.

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    Great post!


    Tnx for your contribution ( I'm just a forum member and not a "wheel" in this organization)


    Let 'er rip and...



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    OK, someone gave me an easy way out last night. There is a program called "iRingtones." I downloaded it and set a shortcut on my desktop, otherwise you have to keep finding the .exe file on your computer for some reason.  Anyhow, install it and click on (I'm on my iPad not PC so I have to remember the sequence) the 1st icon on the left (get file from PC). When the file is converted you can have it sent to iTunes automatically and it creates a ringtone folder in iTunes AND your iPhone. Voila! 

    I was trying to find the post today but I couldn't find it.