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How can i send some PDF documents that i have to iCloud? Thanks.

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    It's a cloud storage site that you access from any device and it's free. It's a great complimentary service to have running with iCloud


    I cloud does not work with PDF's unless you e mail them and place them in a PDF reader.

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    Click a document to download it in iWork ’09, Microsoft Office, or PDF format. You can also drag and drop any iWork ’09 or Microsoft Office document from your computer into one of the iWork apps on icloud.com, and it automatically appears on all your iOS devices, ready for you to review, edit, or present.



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    Its only free for up to 2GB of storage- After that they charge a monthly fee...

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    I haven't found any native Apple solutions to this dilemma, but I believe that third-party developers will soon take up the slack and make iCloud into a much more flexible and full-featured solution.  I also suspect that Apple will add more features and possibly a new version of iDisk, or something similar to it, before iDisk goes away next June.


    As a good example of third-party developers coming to the table with solutions, the latest version of the iOS app GoodReader has been updated to use the iCloud sync features. You can open, store, and edit PDF files and they'll automatically sync with GoodReader on all other devices. Documents are stored in iCloud and will also sync with any Mac that is setup to sync with iCloud. The Mac will automatically have a folder where you can open synced files or add new files from your Mac. details of how to do this are in the GoodReader help files.


    Note: I have no affiliation with GoodReader other than as a happy customer.

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    Carolyn, your "tip" is what Apple puts out. That doesn't work. Hence the question about how to make it work.

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    Use the notes feature. Attach the pdf file to notes in mail and the pdf file will be synced within the note to icloud from where you can download it again.