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  • Adville Level 1 (5 points)

    As a follow-on to my earlier post, let me ask this: does the phone use the same mic when on speakerphone vs when listening through the handset? I would assume so. If that's the case, then my suspicion is that is is an OS-level software issue with the control of the mic, not the mic hardware, and not the carrier. I say this because it seems pretty consistently that when I have a call where the caller can't hear me (and I have confirmed now that it happens both with calls I place as well as receive), I can hit the 'speaker' button, and have the conversation just fine. When I take it off speaker... again the caller can't hear me. I'm not going to bother taking it in to the store, when it may be fixed with an iOS update, but I wish they would hurry up and get on with it.

  • X5 Sport Level 1 (5 points)

    I am having simular problems when making call the person can't here you press the speaker button on then off then they can here you also echo is worse with this phone

  • Ted Pruitt Level 1 (40 points)

    It does appear to be software related. There are starting to be reports on Engadget and Gizmodo, which means Apple will certainly take notice. Two Apple techs acknowledged the issue, two others insisted it was my phone and insisted on reloads and restores - all of which did nothing to alleviate the issue (I suspect because it is in the OS, not in any subsequently loaded apps, music or anything else, as was put forth by them.) In the end, I have found that "reset all settings" has at least temporarily cleared up the problem, but I'm leaving open the option of running to the Apple store a few hours away and see what they have to say. I'd hate to run out the 30 day window and wish I had pushed for a replacement. That said, people here have reported being on their third and fourth exchanges and still having no luck. One bright spot that cropped out of the Engadget report is that it's NOT limited to AT&T as there have been many Verizon users with the same problems. Which, again, just reinforces the idea that this is a software, specifically iOS issue.


    We will see. You still can't beat the Apple forums for people who are passionate about finding a resolution for a product that at its root, they love. Will continue to monitor here and report back if I see anything further.



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    I bought the iPhone 4s the day it came out from Verizon, which is my carrier. My husband updated his OS the same day. Now both of us are experiencing problems receiving and sending phone calls. Some of the calls I've missed have been very important phone calls, so you can imagine I'm quite put out.


    I'm headed to the Verizon store later today to resolve this issue. I HAVE to get phone calls. Its part of my business. So if this doesn't get resolved soon, I will have no other choice but to switch phones.


    Apple, if you're reading these, PLEASE fix this soon. I really love the phone, but I can't go on without getting calls.

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    My husband and I are both also having this issue, although it happens a lot less often with his phone (iPhone 4 updagred to iOS5). I am using an iPhone4s.  We both have Verizon, so that makes me think it is a software issue (ot at least not a carrier issue).  Apple - please help - I love my phone, but I need a phone that makes calls - it actually took me 8 callsyesterday to get through to my husband.  Luckily there was no emergency, but with two toddlers in the car, if there had been, this would have been a way more serious issue.  Hopefully there is a fix soon, or there will be two less iPhone users in the world.  Cool phones are great- but they need to be able to consistently make calls!

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    I went to Verizon and they said that no one else had complained about the issue to them. Since it is an issue with the software they told me to go to the Apple Store in the mall. So, that's where we're headed Saturday morning.

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    Another quick update from the OP here!  This past weekend, I took a short trip to Oceanside and San Diego, California with friends.  One has a flip phone with Verizon, one has two phones (Sprint on smartphone and AT&T on second smartphone).  My iPhone 4s had such poor service in Oceanside that I was essentially unable to make or recieve any calls during my entire visit there!  I bounced around between 1 bar and no service.  Oddly enough, my friend on the AT&T network but with a different brand smartphone had full bars of service and no problems making or recieving calls.  This makes me wonder if the iPhone 4s has some odd issue of antenna similar to the old 4 problems.


    Sadly, and in response to the folks that suggest a quick visit to the Genius Bar to swap out the phone, I am currently on my 4th iPhone 4s with very little or no improvement in call quality whatsoever.


    On a brighter note, I still love the iPhone 4s camera.  Just wish I could call friends to tell them about it.

  • Ted Pruitt Level 1 (40 points)

    Very long running thread regarding this issue here: for anyone who wants to follow along or add their 2-cents....



  • Bob Krugmire Level 1 (30 points)

    @Ted Pruitt  Thanks much for the link!!

  • lorenzfromgraz Level 1 (0 points)

    My problem is kind of different.


    I have a fine connection to my network (Orange Austria) but I cannot make or receive calls or send or receive SMS. Also, my number shows as "Unknown" under Settings>Phone.


    My suggestion is it has something to do with my SIM-card. If I don't get it to work, I'l visit the Orange shop or the Apple store.

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    Same problem here live in Sweden and have Tele 2 as carrier:


    iPhone 4S


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    my issue is alittle different.

    my iphone 4s has all the signal strength i can receive calls and Sms messages but i cannot call out or send sms messages after a while doh the Phone starts to search for a carrier and i end up getting called fail. my iphone is a 16 gig factory unlocked 

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