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I have a big problem with my itunes store account. Many years ago I created an account for the itunes store with an own e-mail adress (myname@owndomain.com). Two years ago I got an MobileMe Account with a new email adress (someone@me.com). Unfortunately it was not possible to change the email adress of the old account to the new adress. I got the message that someone@me.com is an account already and cannot be used, although I never used it for the itunes store.


Finally, a few month ago I decided to discontinue "owndomain.com", so the mail adress myname@owndomain.com is not existant anymore. From that moment I haven't got any email confirmations (of course) when I did a purchase, but basically myname@owndomain.com was still working to do purchases.


This week I did an upgrade to iOS 5 on my iphone. Suddenly, when entering the app store on the iphone, I got the message that I have to verify my account. Unfortuntately I cannot do this, as the email adress does not exist anymore. I thought that the message comes because the iPhone/iOS 5 combination is a new device which never was used before, but when I logon in iTunes on my Mac (which was working 2 days ago without any problems) I get the same message.



- I have no possibility to logon to my itunes store account anymore, as it is not confirmed.

- I cannot confirm it as the email address is not valid

- I cannot change the email adress, as I cannot logon (and as me.com adresses are not allowed)


I already created a gmail account today, so I would have a new email adress which should be possible to use for itunes, but how can I change it? Any ideas? Do you think the guys at Apple Care can help me? (I have Apple Care for all my Macs, but not for the iPhone). I will try it in the morning to call them, but maybe someone has an idea before...

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    Solved, I found a solution in the web, as this seems to be a wide spread issue in the moment:


    - Go to https://appleid.apple.com and there choose 'Manage your account'

    - Logon with your old credentials

    - Then change the email adress to a new one (remember that you can not use iCloud/mobileme addresses).

    - Send the verification email to the new account. It took about 5 minutes, then I received it.


    From this moment you have to logon with the new email address as apple id.