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Got my new iPhone 4s earlier this week. For some reason whenever I restore the 4s from my 3gs backup (running IOS 4.2.1), it won't sync and I get an error saying my iphone can't sync because the sync session failed to start. I restored my 4s and am able to sync just fine after a fresh restore, but once a restore from my 3gs backup - it fails to sync again. I am running iTunes on Windows 7, however I have tried syncing on my sisters macbook pro and get the same error. She has a 4s too and hasn't had this problem though.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I Have an Iphone 4 and just updated to ios5. 

    Ever since doing this, I cannot sync my phone either.  I triple checked to make sure that I Wasn't out of room on my phone and that was not the case.

    I tried to do a system backup and that will not work, even if I go that route, Apple is holding me hostage for previous purchases that it says have not been backed up yet will be lost and I will need to repurchase.

    So, I cannot back up phone and restore because I will have to rebuy apps, songs, etc,

    I checked my Ipad2 which was updated to IOS5 and the music is on there.

    I am afraid to try and sync that aswell to see what I may lose.


    Does anyone know a fix for this?  All is want to do is to be able to sync my iphone...........I am hoping that this is a simple setting that needs to be adjusted.    PLEASE PLEASE PLASE help.



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    If you're on iOS5 your app purchases should be backed up to the cloud. Go into the appstore on your phone, and tap on "purchased" in the updates section. If your apps that haven't been backed up yet are in the list, then they won't be lost and won't neet to be repurchased - so you should be safe to restore. If you're having issues restoring, try putting your iphone into restore mode or dfu mode and restoring that way.

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    yes... purchases should be in the cloud... but all the data won't be:(


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