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I know i'm not the only one who ha the same prb out there, and I read a lots of stuff in the different discussions, but I want to make sure, so let me ask:

my wife and I share the same store account, and somehow when I set up our two iPhones, her iCloud account got attached to my Apple ID. Which obviously is not good, since we don't want to share all contacts and appointments, etc...

So, I just what to change her iCloud account from my apple ID to hers. How do I do that?

I am thinking to delete that account (settings->icloud->delete account), but i want to make sure this is not gonna wipe out all her data.

Also, I read somewhere on the Apple website that once you have attached your device to an iCloud account, you have to wait 90 days before to be able to change account. Is that true? Or deleting account will do it?

Thanks for your help.


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