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I had one POP3 email (Yahoo!) on my MobileMe account which worked fine. After the migration to iCloud I'm still getting emails from my Yahoo! account. The problem is that I don't want to access the Yahoo! account from iCloud any longer. How do I configure this on iCloud?

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    How do I get in touch with someone at Apple so they can fix this? Apparently there's no way of doing that as well...

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    iCloud Mail does not allow other mail accounts.If you have set up yahoo mail to be forwarded to your me.com/mac.com alias, then of course it will continue to do so.

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    I am not forwarding emails from the Yahoo account. I was retrieving mail from Yahoo via POP... I was "pulling" from MobileMe, not pushing. I simply want to delete the Yahoo account from what used to be MobileMe.


    Someone at Apple didn't think things through.

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    ok, I see. I think you would have needed to disable it as long as you were a MobileMe User.


    No Way lets iCloud mail you configure pop accounts. There simply is no setting panel for it. It is IMAP only and only for the Apple mail account. So your icloud account seems to have imported settings and use them but you can't manage them.


    Strange flaw in the system. You might want to contact professional Apple support here.

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    Let me summarize: iCloud is cheating the community, no iDisk any more, no POP3 but a lot of useless playful stuff for kids and Co.


    Thanks guys, I know how to help myself....Apple will be not part of this any more.

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    I have the exact same issue. Did you finded a solution?



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    I had exactly the same problem and i can find any issue for the moment !!!!

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    I´ve just talked to apple support about this issue. Apparently Email colletion will stop automatically as soon as your mobileMe account expires. The latest date would be June 30th, 2012 when the service is shut down completely.