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How do I get my Gmail into iCloud?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Out of curiosity, why would you want to? Gmail is IMAP, so all messages available from any device that connects to it. Maybe I'm missing something... please explain. Thanks.

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    I have been a Google user for years (mail,calendars and contacts) syncing to Macbook pro, iPad and iPhone.

    With the advent of iCloud it looks like an opportunity to bring all my stuff under one roof and have the added advantage of using iWorks apps etc.  Also it will mean I am working with the same UI all the time. (not critical but helpful).  I have setup iCloud and contacts seem to be there but calendars and mail are not, hence my question.

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    It did sort of sound like it was going to work that way, didn't it?  But it doesn't, at least not yet.  The only mail you get in iCloud is mail for the me.com address you create when signing up for iCloud.  iCloud mail is just plain IMAP mail, no different from Gmail or any other IMAP mail system.  Unless you move everything to your me.com address, the "roof" you will have is your mail client, be that mail.app or Outlook on your Mac, or the mail app on your iPad or iPhone, or any other IMAP client.


    You also have to turn each element on (or off) separately. If you are not seeing your calendar, make sure iCloud calendar is enabled on all the devices you want to synchronize with iCloud.  The good news is that the iCloud calendar uses CalDAV, so you can subscribe to it from any CalDAV-enabled client.

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    Thx GlennW, that help me understand why. 

    So it seems like I have to redirect my gmail to ...me.com mail address and mail will be in the cloud.

    Is here a way to import all my history from gmail, I couldn't work without the history.


    One more question.  Being a novice in this world what is CalDAV and how do I subscribe to it from my iPad, iPhone etc? 

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    Your mail already is in the cloud - just Google's cloud rather than Apple's iCloud.  Unless you plan to essentially abandon your Gmail account in favor of your iCloud account I would just leave things as they are and access Gmail through the Mac OS Mail app as you (presumably) do today.  If you really want to move everything over, once both iCloud and Gmail are set up in Mac OS Mail you should be able to copy everything - one folder at a time - from Gmail to iCloud.


    CalDAV is a web-based calendar service that many on-line calendars use, now including iCloud.  You don't have to do anything special or know specifically about CalDAV to access your iCloud calendar from your Mac running Lion, or iPad or iPhone running iOS 5.  Just enable iCloud with the same Apple ID on all your devices and they will "magically" connect to your iCloud calendar.  If you want to access a CalDAV calendar other than your iCloud calendar on your iPad or iPhone, you can set that up through the Calendar preferences on your device.

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    Agreed, simply forward everything from Gmail to your new @me.com address.  If you have Mac Mail on a MacBook, you can open both accounts, and simply drag and drop all folders from the Gmail account inbox to the me.com account inbox. 


    I am not sure what other history you want to keep, but you can go to Gmail.com and create a folder for all sent items for instance, then use the method above to copy to me.com.  It will not be dynamic, meaning new sent items will not be added, but if you are not using gmail anymore it shouldn't matter.

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    Hey guys - I have a similar sort of question but am a little less knowledgable of mail settings I just want to make sure that if I switch to iCloud, that my gmail accounts that are already set up to connect to my ...@me.com account will still continue to function properly. The are business accounts (the Gmail ones) and I am really wary of switching over to iCloud as I can't afford to have an issue pop up with them. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for your feedback.