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I just installed iOS 5 (was previously on the beta via Developer program), and I'm having an issue where sometimes I'll get prompted for someone else's Apple ID password. It's different from the typical prompt in that the title of the dialog is "Apple ID Password", the Apple ID input field is editable, and it's NOT using the saved Apple ID from settings. Entering my Apple ID/password has no effect. The first time it appeared, it was installing the apps that were previously on the iPhone right after the upgrade. None of the apps would install. So, I went into the App Store, installed them manually, and everything was fine. In general, installing apps works fine - it uses my normal account.


I thought once I got all of the apps re-installed, the prompt would disappear (thinking the bug was related to the re-installation of apps after a restore). However, just now it appeared as I was syncing music to it via iTunes. I've tried restoring multiple times from backup, but it keeps happening. In the iPhone Settings, under Store, it's my Apple ID, and I've tried signing out and signing back in, but this has no effect. The Apple ID that's popping up isn't mine, and I've never seen it before. The phone (iPhone 4) was bought new over a year ago. Does anyone know how to fix this?



iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    I'm having the same exact problem. Actually this started yesterday for me, when suddenly my phone reset itself while I was using it. I kept on getting a prompt to activate my phone, but it wouldnt let me. I brought it home and restored it from an iCloud back up, but now after restoring I am having the same exact problem you are.

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    Really glad I'm not the only one! One additional piece of information is that I also restored from an iCloud backup - not sure if that's related.

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    I had the same problem. Went to Apple store today and apparently they were dealing with another case at the store at the same time. In my case it was happening to my new iPhone 4S, in the other person's case, it was her iPad 1. They gave me a brand new iPhone 4S, after I restored from iCloud, same thign happened. So it's not hardware related. Common connection appears to be iOS5/iCloud related. 


    The Apple people sugguested to do the following, which appears to solve the problem:


    When the prompt comes up, manually erase the wrong ID, then put in the correct one. Do that for all the pop-ups (in my case I had 3 different wrong IDs). Once all done, go to Settings > Store, sign out and back in.


    I haven't gotten the pop ups again for the last 5 hours (was getting it every few minutes).  Apparently it solved the lady's iPad pop up as well.


    Now I am just concerned that my Apple account is compromised.... I changed my password, but I still don't feel safe with my credit card attached to it...

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    Hello fellow-iPhone users:  Check this out.  I was at the Apple Store last Friday to do a scheduled exchange of my iPhone 4s which was having severe bluetooth issues.  Anyways, the Apple Genius came out with a "new phone" in a black box with my name on it (not the new retail box).  He requested that I do an iCloud Back-up of my phone.  Whick I did.  All went well.  Left the old phone on (which I think we shouldn't of have - but oh well) and then booted the "new phone".  It requested for me to set it up as an existing and restore from iCloud - which we did.  During the restore we both noticed that I was getting an Apple ID pop up requests for 3 different users/e-mail addresses. 


    Well, we looked at each other and the genius just shrugged his shoulders.  Well, this pop-up continues to happen everytime I purchase an app or I connect to my computer/iTunes and sync.  Deleting the unknown e-mail and reinserting yours does not fix the problem.


    Called Apple and got connected with their senior tech guy because so far no one in the lower level tech support ever saw such a thing. 


    Anyways, we tried all things listed up above.  I even the did the "Hocky-Pockie" and we twisted ourselves around.  The senior tech advisor checked on the e-mail names I was getting.  I figured the iCloud must have gotten crossed during the backup and restore with someone in the store with me, perhaps.  But that was not the case as the Apple Tech informed me 1 was from California (I'm in Florida) and the other two he could not locate them as Apple ID users.  So, what next.


    I'll tell you what I did.  [  At this moment you may want to screen capture any of your settings / texts, ect. and save the photos to your computer first). 


    Then burn the phone (I mean erase it's memory entirely).  Delete your current .ipsw file (make sure iTunes is shut down).  Reboot your computer.


    When you iPhone reboots from the "erase all content" to the new activation screen - do nothing.  Connect your iPhone to iTunes and immediately click on restore.  This will begin downloading the newest/latest .ipsw file.


    Wait a few, let the computer do it's thing and then setup phone as new.  At this time you may disconnect and do all the new iPhone setup screen info. 


    BUT DO NOT - restore from iCloud or your computer' back-ups.  That backup is long and sailed - it is corrupt.  I recommend you delete them.


    It will be a rather long process if you have lots of apps and ftp stuff to configure - but this is the only true way of ridding yourself of the cross-contamination of your iPhone and it's iCloud back-up.


    I think this is the only explaination (backing up at Apple Store to iCloud over Wi-Fi may be the issue at hand here) as I have restored my first iPhone 4s before from a back-up from iTunes and never had this problem.  It looks like there may possibly be a crossing of wires out there wth iCloud.  Good luck fellow Mac/Apple users. 


    Enjoy the silence......

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    Just wait until you get back to your computer and plug it in.


    Shortly after my iTunes began syncing, the other people's Apple ID request began to pop up again.


    Had to do a complete restore on my Apple iPhone 4S - but don't restore from a backup.


    Good luck,



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    I confirm that I have not gotten any pop-ups after doing what I stated before

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    What happened is you jailbroke your iDevice and downloaded cracked apps with Installous. Am I right? Then you backed it up, and then upon restoring from backup, it tried to download the cracked apps from the accounts of the original owners. Apple can easily suspend a lot of jailbreakers and crackers this way if they wanted.

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    I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 5 and used iCloud to backup my settings, when I purchased my iPhone 4S and selected restore from an iCloud backup, I was also prompted for other apple ID's that I know nothing of.  The iPhone 4S as far as I'm aware has not been jailbroken.  I have never jailbroken any of iPhones, I only pay for apps and have never used cracked apps, I have also only used one apple ID to make my purchases, therefore jailbreaking is not what is causing the issue so would say to BrandonBombshell that your way off the mark with your assumption.


    The only I resolved this was to select restore using iTunes and use a previous backup contained on iTunes within my iMac.  Possibly the originally poster could file a bug report with apple using their developer account.


    It would be great to use iCloud for backups, however just need to wait for the bugs to be ironed out.

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    I've had the exact same problem with my 3GS, it's not jailbroken, only ever had free or paid for apps. I deleted the id's and put my own in as per bad puppy recommendation and it's solved it for now. I'm also concerned about my own password/cc details being at risk now. 

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    This is actually happening because you have songs downloaded from internet sharing that were not purchased. iTunes+ songs allow playback anywhere however still maintain an Apple ID signature. So, when you restore from an iCloud backup, it redownloads any songs and apps that were originally purchased from the iTunes store back to the device, however it requires that the account match to verify before the download from the iTunes purchase history (redownloads from the cloud). Much the same way if you try to borrow an app from someone elses Apple ID and try to update it later, it asks for their Apple ID, not your's, since the purchase was made by them.


    This is also why, once you sync with your Mac this problem goes away entirely.

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    Just want to reiterate that all music I have on my device is either ripped from my own music collection, purchased from

     iTunes using my own apple ID, amazon or other legal sites such as tunetribe. All applications are purchased direct from iTunes using my own apple ID.


    I only get the prompts when it is trying to sync applications not music. Also I am puzzled why you would think that syncing directly with your computer would not ask for an apple ID as I can assure you if I update, add or sync from an iTunes backup direct from my computer it asks for my own apple ID. Also when restoring from iCloud as far as I'm aware, music syncs back directly from your computer over wifi and not iCloud. If you were to restore from an iCloud backup and your computer was switched off, your music would be listed.  However it would be greyed out and would only sync when your computer is switched on.


    To try and troubleshoot this, in order to file a bug report with apple. I wiped my device, setup as a new device and only installed a few free popular apps from the app store using my own apple ID. I then created an iCloud backup of my device with the minimum of apps and no music. I then wiped the phone again and restored using that iCloud backup and I still received the prompts for random apple IDs.  The apps that I added for this were Facebook, google+, amazon kindle and spotify. 


    With anything new there is bound to be bugs, I don't think any personal data is at risk. I would reccommed that people experiencing this report it to apple. 


    Overall I am really enjoying iCloud however, for the moment, I will still use my computer to backup rather than iCloud. 

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    Your problem is interesting. One thing to note, when restored from iCloud, the device queues up all purchases (and the Apple ID that originally downloaded them) that were on the phone during the last back up and downloads them when you are on WIFI. They don't come from your computer unless you go to your computer and sync via cable or WIFI. Otherwise until you do sync with your comptuer, if you're on WIFI they're queued and downloaded.


    The ability to redownload purchases without paying again, is the way purchase history has worked since iOS2 (for apps) was released and it's just now been extended to have the same function for all iTunes Store content.


    The purpose of iTunes Match is to take it even a step further so that you can redownload even ripped music that has a match in the Tunes Store, without syncing to your computer.


    And as far as syncing with your computer, I've never said it would ask for any Apple ID at all when it syncs with your computer. If you computer was already authorized once for certain content, it will never ask for an Apple ID or password to download or redownload purchases or updates. That's why I said when you sync with your computer, the problem of asking for random Apple ID's goes away. Because, if your computer is authorized for the content already, it has no reason to need to authenticate when you do a sync. It would if it wasn't (like moving your entire library to a new computer and attempting to sync or play music). Keep in mind I did point out this doesn't happen for iTunes+ tracks.


    Now, where your issue gets interesting is you state that you, setup your iPhone as a new device, downloaded only a few apps directly from the phone, to the phone, created a new icloud backup after making these purchase directly from your phone. And you delete it again, restore it, and it still asks for random IDs? Most people have not gone this far to troubleshoot and just assumed it's a bug when it isn't and the explanation I gave earlier will resolve most people's issues.


    I only mentioned this stuff because for the majority of people who've asked me about it, including myself. The case was having tracks that were downloaded from unknown or random sources, and once syncing back all music from the mac was done, the problem was resolved. I don't think Apple will take it seriously as a bug report, because it actually isn't (I've seen it more common that people forget that once upon a time they used another Apple ID for iTunes). But they probably do need to tweek the way syncs or authorization for devices occurs in relationship to restoring from an iCloud backup. It would be much better for users to have an opportunity to sync back only the music and apps valid for the Apple ID they logged in when they restore from an iCloud backup. It'd also be nice to have an option to purge all tracks that have an Apple ID that doesn't match those for the authorized computer. I think there are a few people out there that have a computer that someone else uses, who might have dumped stuff in their iTunes without them knowing.

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    ejbeaz is correct on all accounts...if you have this problem, it is because you have music from your itunes that is tagged with someone elses Apple ID (reguardless if you think you got all music legally or purchased it yourself). This is not a bug, but added security and encription with the icloud service to keep people from using or sharing ripped music.  The only way to fix this is to indentify the bad songs on your phone (they will be grayed out), back-up your phone on your PC, delete these songs from your itunes on your PC, erase your phone and then back-up your phone from your PC.  After this, the next time icloud backs up your suff it will not have these songs in its memory.

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    I've been having this problem as well... why am I receiving password prompts for a random UK apple ID?

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