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I downloaded iProducer, but it appears to only run on a mac, and I don't have a Mac ... I have an iPad, but my computer is Windows based.  How do I upload content to iTunes?  I've set up the iTunesConnect account and converted my epub to run on an iPad.  I'm stuck until someone can help me figure out what to do next!  Thanks.

Windows 7
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    If you open Itunes and look under "file"  there is an option for add file or add folder to library.    You can add files one by one, or if you select a folder it will pull everything in the folder to Itunes.   Then sync, and tada!  you're done.

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    I guess I should have been more specific ... I need to upload it to sell on the iTunes bookstore for the iPhone and iPad.  I've been approved to do this, but the directions on their iConnect site to upload to the bookstore (I believe) requires me to do it from a Mac ... which I don't have.   I was wondering if there is a way to do it without having a mac computer and without going through an approved aggregator to get my content for sale.