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I am unable to use Siri in my 2010 Audi A4.  When I press and hold the home button to activate Siri, the iPhone apparently sends a signal to the car causing it to dial my voicemail.  Any ideas on how to work around that issue?

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    I have an A5 and does the same. It bypasses the iPhone speech engine and uses the propriety Audi one.


    Let me know if  you figure out a way. I will call Audi today

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    I can confirm, ios6 , ami q5, iPhone 4S , using Bluetooth headset for calls

    symptoms :

    1: click on Bt to activate Siri , it does but remains waiting input , seems it does not take audio from bt hset

    2: same if detach bt and try to input commands directly to the iPhone mic


    3: I activated Siri in iOS 6 , when I was ios5 without Siri on, I used simple speech recognition for

    maching calls and it worked with trick:

    - if music was playing from iPhone then clicking on bt button to enter command resulted in iPhone

       behave strange, looping from music screen to to blu speech rec screen.

    - I found a workaround to this, simply switch AMI to another source (radio) , and then It works

    - also while playing music, if I pause it , enter command works


    4: tried the same workaround with Siri on , without success .


    not (yet) tried if speech rec , without Siri , work in iOS 6 with above waround.


    I will update this.


    seems a problem of where Siri listen for commands when external music interface is on. seems that I want to use car's microphone , not the bt headset mic.

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    I performed further test and seems that the blame stays at Apple's side of the problem,

    happy as well to be proven differently. Any way here my results:


    env: iOS (10a403), iPhone 4S ,audi q5 , ami hw h07,sw 0350, Bluetooth Nokia bh-202

    issue: iphone connected to car through cable, BT paired and working for phone answ.


    action 1 (OK): press BT to wake up SIRI,it works.


    now start listening music, for the very first time after connecting the phone .


    action 2 (KO): press BT to wake up SIRI , music fades out, Siri pops up , BT 'bips' intending

                  that audio is ready, suddendly Siri closes immediately after bip just like you press BT ,

                  with no way to speech anything. The same action performed without being attached

                  to AMI works  as expected.


    action 3 (work around) : while listening music and without Siri working as described in action #1,

                activate 'Podcast' app , select an existing podcast and play it.

                you will continue to see the previous song title still on AMI display but the sound is actually your podcast

                (first little bug). now press pause/mute on the radio and press BT to wake up Siri,

                it will works.


    others: pausing/muting AMI  , switching it completely off , switching off the car while playing music

               does not workaround the problem.


    it seems that the behavior is different when 'Music' app is playing audio or when another application

    ('Podcast') is playing audio. For this reason I tend to blame Apple's software than Audi sw.


    it seems that the issue is related to the fact that the phone try to use not the BT mic to

    listening for commands but search (and fails) , for some other (car?) mics.


    I'm available for further test with some kind of debug app to produce  diag information .

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    as described in action #1


    as described in action #2

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    update tested with IOS7 Beta Iphone4S, now things seems working.

    In order to let it work, if AMI is playing music, just pause it,  activate SiRi and it will work .

    Tested both with Apple's original headphones and BT

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    really old post, but is this working for everyone?  Just got an Audi A4 with the tune2air bluetooth connector plugged into the AMI.  Lots of issues with Siri, it works once, but then seems to go "deaf" and not work again.

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    I find that SIRI grabs the car's phone bluetooth and works as long as it's not connected to the AMI connector. With tune2air installed when SIRI grabs a bluetooth connection is grabs tune2air and of course can't hear you through that connection. If you tap the connection button on the bottom right of the SIRI screen you can select the connection and you should have three choices Audi, Tune2Air, and iPhone. I keep trying to select something else but it seems for me it's locked on Tune2Air and won't change. That's why I've gone back to using a cable and my Tune2Air is sitting in the glovebox. That and the fact that tune2air doesn't shut off with the ignition and all my iPhone audio gets sent to my car in the garage for 15 minutes after I get home.


    If anyone finds a way to make this work please post.