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I have recently begun to experience file downloads terminating just after they start downloading.  This leaves a few kilobytes of information and a filename in my downloads folder and no explanation anywhere as to why.  It happens intermittently and is happening more and more.  I have recently upgraded to Lion v10.7.2, and I'm using Safari 5.1.1.  This all started when I got my newest iPhone4S, upgraded my other iPhones and iPads to iOS5, and migrated my MobileMe account to iCloud.  I have the same download experiences in a current version of Chrome as well.  I have been using the same ISP for years at a 12Meg download speed without incident.  They confirm they have not recently made changes that would affect my internet experience.


Any thoughts or suggestions most welcome.

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    Well, your ISP would say that, wouldn't they?   Does your ISP impose a limit on the amount of data you are allowed to download per month?  Are you connecting with WiFi or Ethernet?  Have you reset your router, and your cable modem if you have one?


    You might take a look at your system logs with the Console app (in your Applications/Utilities folder, or from the Launchpad Utilities folder), if you are willing to search through tons of information.


    On your Mac you might try some of the Internet connectivity tools at dslreports.com.


    Are you experiencing any Internet connectivity or download issues on any of your other devices?  You might try this on your iPad or iPhone.


    Good luck.  Diagnosing network connectivity problems is seldom easy.

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    Thanks for the input...indeed helpful but still have the issue.  To answer your spot-on questions:


    ISP limits - none that I know of.  And my issue is happening at the beginning of my billing cycle when I would presumably not bump up against any limits.


    WiFi/Ethernet - tried both...same problem on both


    Router reset - yes, lots of times.  No cable modem, using AT&T Uverse with DSL modem/router in one box.


    System logs - you were not kidding when you said "tons of information"!  Still sifting through.


    Other devices - all other devices experience no difficulties.  This includes three Windows7 PC's, two iPad2, one iPad, one iPhone4, one iPhone 4S, and the misbehaving MacBookPro.


    And the last factor is that this is of course intermittent and only affects some, (but unfortunately many), download sites.


    Thanks again for the rapid response!

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    What do the speed tests show on both your Mac and you other devices? Are they consistent? Have you tried downloading the same file from the same web site on both the Mac and a Windows 7 PC?

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    Good questions!


    Download speed test on Mac (WiFi): 8.63Mbps, consistently between 7.5 - 9.0 in 20 tests

    Download speed test on W7 PC (WiFi): 4.75Mbps, consistently between 4.25 - 5.25 in 20 tests


    Both above tests used the same closest but not fastest server on SpeedTest.net.


    Yes, have tried downloading same file from same web site on both machines, both simultaneously and sequentially.  Same result: PC download is fine, Mac isn't (and I shudder to write those words).

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    Well, it would definitely seem to be something on the Mac then All I can suggest at this point is to monitor the Console logs while you are attempting the download to see what errors appear.  Hopefully there will be something there that will provide a clue. I guess another thing you could try, since your system is portable, is to see how it behaves on a different network.

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    Thanks GlennW for the ideas, perseverance, and time.  I have tried my MBP on a different network, same results.  After all this, the issue appears to be solely on the Mac.  The good news: the network and ISP services are not at fault.  Time for a genius visit perhaps.

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    You're welcome. Sorry I wasn't able to give you an answer. If the Apple Store is convenient a Genius Bar appointment does sound like a good idea.